Motherhood: Never a dull moment

There were things you could have told me about motherhood that I would have never believed.

For instance, you could have said “Poop really won’t bother you that much after awhile” and I would have looked at you disgusted. I mean, it’s poop, of course it’s going to bother me.

The other night the Kaiser had to fish something out of a pee-filled potty and I was laughing at him for being such a wuss. I mean, it wasn’t like it was a shit-filled toilet, so I really couldn’t see what he was being so squeamish about.

Pee, does not bother me. Poop, does not bother me.

You also could have told me that I would have a battle of the wills with my children over some very simple things, silly things, and I would have-again-laughed at you. Stoop to my child’s level and try to negotiate? Nope. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

HRH Princess Peanut has, as of late, insisted on holding something (a toy, a pen) while nursing. No biggie. Except for today.

A battle of wills ensued.

I lost.

Yes, she’s holding a stroller.


  1. That doesn’t look very comfy. It appears that your nipple is being stretched waaaay out there! 🙁

  2. Pee and Poop don’t bother me either.

    I was actually peed on at the doctors office once. I was wearing dark brown pants and had plans to pick up lunch on the way home, so I stopped anyway- certainly reaking of urine. Yep. I did it. My thought was, “I’m just running in to pay…”

    Poop is actually fascinating to me. Especially when it’s neat colors or has corn in it. That’s GREAT!

  3. I have no idea how I found you. I feel through some portal of blogrolls I guess. But I LOVED how you set up the stroller line in this one. Made me laugh out loud. Also read Taking the Long Way Around. Well written. I think anyone who moves on can relate to that one. I’ll be back!

  4. That is so weird. I can’t drink milk, either, without holding on to a stroller. Small world.

  5. That little peanut has a mind of her own, doesn’t she? 🙂

  6. *snort* Too funny, if a little uncomfortable, I’d think.

  7. Well, when she insists on holding onto her boyfriend, then you know it’s time to quit. 🙂

  8. Boogers too. I never thought I’d be comfortable picking someone else’s nose – even a baby’s.

    And you? Did you also take that photo yourself? Did you ever think you’d be taking photos of yourself while nursing a stroller-toting toddler? Mothers are the best multi-taskers.

  9. Not in a million years, Alison.

    I am an obsessive booger picker too.

  10. I love that picture! How hilarious! I can’t remember how many “I wouldn’t have believed I would be doing this” moments since they were born…

  11. Having delivered 3 w/o the hubster( he has a weak stomach) I can definately side with the poop and pee don’t bother me issue… I had to dive for a “floater” in the pool the other day, and the damn dog earled just as we were leaving to go to a birthday party ( Mr. Man ushers the kids to the front door and proceedes to look “upstairs” to see if the dog hurled up there first…not looking next to the stinky rebarfed steak he fed the poor bastard the night before!

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