Ann Coulter’s Hairy Bush Love

Queen’s note: I am aware many of you can not comment. Blogger has been having issues, and I will leave this post up so everyone gets a chance to say what they want. It’s not some vast, left-wing conspiracy to keep you from showing Ann Coulter love. If you are really hard up to scream at me, feel free to send me an email at, just keep in mind I reserve the right to publish any and all emails to show the world what a moron you are.

I figure if Ann Coulter can theorize that some 9/11 widows are enjoying their husband’s deaths, then I can, at least, theorize that Ann Coulter is a bitter, evil, bitch because she does not shave her stinky snatch.

Both theories are absurd. Both are below-the-belt remarks. And both are potentially written simply for shock value.

But I do think a stinky snatch makes for a cranky woman. A cranky woman who would be better to spend her time getting a good wax or shaving her cooter, instead of spouting off on various subjects.

I’d like to be first in line to wax Ann. The joy I would get from pouring hot liquid on her nether regions and tearing it off would be indescribable. I won’t even charge her. In fact, she can charge me.

But back to the issue at hand. It seems Ms. Coulter believes some of the 9/11 widows have gotten a bit too political about the whole thing. Much like Cindy Sheehan, apparently.

I have to ask this, though…if the death of a loved one isn’t reason to get political, or be an activist…then what is? Anger over gas prices? Frustration with your taxes? Is money the only good reason for anyone to become involved and vocal?

I can’t think of a better reason to thrust yourself into the limelight than to fight for and speak up for those you have lost. And yes, it will make you a target for criticism. But it should make you a target for your stance on the issues. Not for your pain.

Many people are bashing Ann Coulter for her latest remarks (written in her new book) saying things like “shame on you,” and the like. But I’d really like to take it a step further and use the same, no-holds barred attitude and language that she uses;

Fuck you Ann Coulter. I think you crave attention because your nasty cunt emits a foul odor. You are profiting from the pain of women. Women. Widows. You are a sad representation of smart women around the world. I’m sure you are thrilled to see people like me fueling the fire. Attracting more attention to your little book than is needed. But know that there is a huge portion of women (even the stay-at-home Mom, blogging variety) that are here to call you out on your little ploy.

I will not be buying your book. And if someone thinks I have taken something out of context, I will be happy to read a copy of your book if mailed to me.

I’m not afraid.


  1. And here I was thinking it was just Ann being her usual bitch self. Never even thought it might have been triggered by poor hygiene.

  2. Thank you Erin for this post. That woman has disgraced our gender with her hateful, hurtful, unnecessary writing.

  3. *standing up and applauding*

    Well said. There’s no way in hell I’ll buy that crazy lady’s book. I wouldn’t even check it out of the library – no sense adding to any of the hype by letting the library think people want to read her thoughts.

  4. I despise Ann Coulter. Which may make her happy, but it makes me happy too.

  5. rotflmao

    It has been my own personal theory for several years now, that Coulter is such a raging bitch because she can’t get laid. I am thrilled to finally discover the ultimate source of her amazing horribleness – she is an evil creature who I am ashamed to admit to my gender because she can’t get laid because she is too stupid to clean her nether regions on a regular basis.

    Let this be a lesson to all young men and women. See where poor hygene can lead?

  6. I’m sure my life would have been a lot easier if I had realized earlier the impact a woman’s bush had on her behavior.
    Judging from Coulter’s comments, she must have a sweltering cesspool down there festering away.
    That thing about the wax….Well, I’d like to watch that.

  7. Of course this is the day I chose to share your blog with my conservative mother. Oh well. Sigh. This is what I get for having a conservative mother. (We aren’t all blessed, are we?)

  8. I just loved when she kept whining that what she objected to was “not being allowed to answer” these women…WHEN SHE WROTE ABOUT THEM IN HER FREAKING BOOK.

    Seriously, Ann Coulter is not worth the time it takes to look at her picture and try to figure out which parts of her weird manimal body are human. She. Is. NUTS. And apparently not terribly bright. Go read some Al Franken–he has the best observations on Coulter. You’ll feel better.

  9. Ok, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor (the mental image of you pouring hot wax on Ann’s nether regions was priceless), I can say that you were actually too nice… check out what the Rude Pundit had to say about Ann:

  10. Stephanie Miller has had some choice words to share about “Noted-transsexual-plagarist-Ann-Coulter” as well.

    Thanks for the observations Queen!

  11. Can I get an ‘Amen’ for QofS?

    Excellent post, Coulter needs to go away… and go away now.

  12. She is so abrasive and out there. She needs to learn some common sense, at the very least.

    Thanks for the Baby Jolie-Pitt link!

  13. Hi five! Ann is the most disgustingly reptilian offspring of our media-craved society, and the more she writes the more she makes herself out to be the mold growing in dumpster juice. There’s a difference between being provocative and transparently attention-mongering. I seriously think she says this stuff to disguise her lack of original thought and the bankruptcy of her stances.

    Wow, I guess that sorta made me angry. I will say, however, that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that snatch…there’s probably teeth down there.

  14. It’s not stinky. It’s itchy. OK, maybe both.

    Whatever it is that compels her to spew such hate, I do not know. But I do know that there’s a special circle of hell reserved just for her. Right next to the circle reserved for puppy-kickers.

  15. If there was ever a case for someone in need of a good, quality ass-fucking, it is hands down (face down?), Ann Coulter.

  16. Why do I always go agains the grain?? -deep breath-

    Ann really isn’t as bad as people think she is. I’m a Chairman Ann fan. Yes, it’s true. And I know what you are thinking. I do.

    I’ve read all her books and she makes valid points. Yes, she’s bold and crosses the line, but that’s what a polemicist does. And it’s no different for Ann than it is for Michael Moore.

    So, I stood up and said my piece and I’m sure I’m getting funny looks, but if you’d like to read her book I’ll send it over when I’m done with it. 🙂

  17. Oh Dana. Oh Dana.

    Ok, here is the thing…it’s one thing to really try and rile people up with what you say. To draw attention to it, etc. Michael Moore says some outrageous things to get attention too. BUT, and this is a really big BUT…it’s not personal. I mean…attack a person’s politics. Attack their actions…but to attack their emotions? Their pain?? Their loss???

    That’s just plain dirty. And unforgivable. Call them overzelous. Call them bitches. Call them wrong. Don’t say they are enjoying their husband’s deaths.

    I’m just not sure how any person in their right mind can defend that.

    And if Ann is really just doing it to prompt a discussion or debate, she’s sick. Sick. Sick. SIck.

  18. Ann will just do anything for attention, and let’s face it, it works. She has a book deal, and I don’t. But I’m not willing to wallow in shit to get one, either.

    YOU KNOW I gotta gig you about the crotch issue! Who is to say that she isn’t cranky from having her crotch hair yanked out by an unskilled waxing parlor laborer? Hm?

    My real bet is that she is just mad because a house came out of the sky and landed on her sister.

  19. Agreed SueBob. Agreed. I just thought the crotch hair was a nice tie in with the current coversations we’ve been having!

  20. Perhaps it’s not the stinky crotch but rather a VERY uncomfortable vaginal itch that makes her so cranky and unpleasant.

  21. I have nothing in way of a comment that could even come close to the hilarity of this post. I can’t even articulate my disgust with that woman. I just start sputtering and gesturing.

  22. Man, oh, man. I can pretty much guarantee that Annie is NOT a member of the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch! She’s one of those people who hates us shaggy feminists! Don’t you read or listen to her rag on us women’s libbers who are destroying the country. Ok, granted it is really hard to listen to anything this woman says because she is such a cuntface bitch, but trust me – she’s way more the wax it smooth type. (And just because we don’t shave don’t mean we got the stinky poon! I am starting to take this charge a bit personally. Harumph!)

  23. My question is, other than Dana *ahem*, who likes her? I mean honestly. Like the Bush administration wasn’t pimping (okay try again) WHORING itself out. HELLO.

    And I’ll tell you what. If my husband was killed in 9-11 or the war or anything GOVERNMENT related, I’d be making such a big deal out of it that Ann Coulter would have no choice but to endure a hearty crotch wax just on principle.

    I have no idea what that means exactly, but it sounded poetic.

  24. You are even more wicked than I. Had to link to your highly accurate and exceedlingly mean comments about America’s favorite beauty queen.

    Here’s a serious question: What is wrong with these right-wingers that they think AC is actually attractive. They can’t be that desperate. So, what is it exactly?

    I look at her and all I can see is her evil soul and stinky you know what.


  25. “Fuck you Ann Coulter. I think you crave attention because your nasty cunt emits a foul odor.”

    I think I love you, Queen of Spain. Thats the best thing Ive read in a long time.

  26. Must remember not to read your rants while drinking coffee. OMG.

    You rule.

  27. I don’t think whether you shave your nether regions or not has a ting to do with hygiene. In fact, I’d rather sleep with someone who looks like a woman, not a pre-pubescent girl scout.

    But I think you’re right: I think Ann is mean and irrational because there something terribly wrong with her. My guess is that she’s a closeted lesbian — something which offends her own political and religious beliefs.

    Speaking of religion, chances are that Ann is secretly attracted to the certainty and beauty of Islam. She realizes the basic premise of Christianity is a steaming pile of shit, though she seeks order in the idea of a strongly patriarchal deity.

    Islam would be *perfect* for her, and she knows it. So she strikes out in frustration. Poor, poor Ann.

    She’ll crack one day. We’ll find her in a lesbian bar with some sexy young woman half way up her burqa.

    “Allahu akbar! God is great … oh, eat me, bitch!” she’ll moan. And she will finally be the woman she was always born to be.

  28. I’d fuck the bottom out of Ann Coulter. Especially if her pussy is hairy.

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