They Will CRUSH You with their cuteness


They have the power to force you to say “hello” in the grocery store, even if you are a grumpy old man, hell-bent on ignoring their “hi!” “hi” “hi” chorus.

They will cost you over one hundred dollars in damaged goods at a local store, yet you will hug and kiss them for hours after.

They will climb your chairs, couches, and counters. Leap off ottomans, beds, and tables. Go through more bandaids than any one human needs…yet you will kiss every boo-boo like it’s a war wound.

I’ll be at blogher later. I just wanted to crush you all with their cuteness.


  1. Queen, they are adorable, beautiful and magical children. I just want to kiss both of them! The first picture makes me tear up! See you at BlogHer!

  2. I can’t decide which is cuter – the kiss or her little outfit.

  3. I love how they’re hanging out under the stairs like it’s some clandestine rendezvous.

  4. Oh Karl. YOu have no idea. That is actually the Count’s Sacred “Fort.” To let his sister there is, well, holy ground. And a very, very big deal for Mom who quickly grabbed the camera.

  5. That is some extra-sweet cuteness!

  6. I’m crushed. In a good way 🙂

  7. *crushed*

    That’s actually an apt description! I love the matching hairband.

  8. I am utterly squished!

  9. It’s so true. Grumpy old men are nothing in the face of this kind of cuteness!

  10. Oh my lands!!! Color this girl CRUSHED!!! And I’ve got to say I’ve got a bit of a crush on that Count… he is going to be a cu-TIE when he’s older! (Not that he isn’t now, but you know…!)

  11. Hey! I’m smooshed with all that cuteness!! What little muffins!!

  12. Well and truly crumbled, squished & smushed!

  13. I’m crushed. Too cute.

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