Father’s Day

The 3-year-old finally saw the movie he’s been obsessing over for months. I love you Pixar/Disney. It was like you knew what would make all the little boys in the world happy. AND you showed a Pirates of the Caribbean preview before hand. When everyone in the El Capitan theatre clapped, the Count got to BEAM with pride and say to Mommy, “They are clapping for Daddy’s new movie!” (Which is also a not so subtle hint for you to go see it. Because we want it to make MILLIONS opening weekend. Go. I command you. Do it. And stay for ALL the credits and when the Kaiser’s name goes by you MUST clap your head off. Scream I say! Scream! Oh, and also get me a poster so I can hang Johnny Depp in my house.)


  1. As a stage combat geek, I cannot even begin to tell you how amazingly jealous I am that the Kaiser had the opportunity to work on Pirates of the Caribbean.

    There really aren’t words for it.

    But if it’s any help, I can promise you that Christina and I are going to see it.

  2. We plan to go see it, and we’re a family of 4, so that will add about, what, 40 bucks or so to the coffers?

    Anything we can do to help.

    Johnny Depp is definitely NOT the real reason I’ll be queueing up to see that movie. (Yeah, right)

    What’s the Kaiser’s name so I can look for it in the credits, since I’m one of those geeks who does stay to view them all.

    Love your site, Karl at Secondhand Tryptophan clued me into it.

    Take care!


  3. I’ll definitely look out for his name.

    Do you mean that he got to see Mr. Bloom in the fles? I’m oohhh so jealous. Although, I’m sure Orlando doesn’t give Kaiser the same kind of tingle.

  4. First of all, we won’t see any of that money, per say…but it always looks good when something he worked on does well.

    Second, I don’t think he actually met any of the actors. He’s a digital artist, so all the fun Depp/Bloom stuff was in the can when it got to his desk. Because trust me, if either of those two were anywhere near the Kaiser, I’d be accidentally dropping by his work that day.

    You can find the Kaiser at IMDB


  5. Like Aaron said, so, so jealous. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t meet the actors – just being able to work on a movie like that is so awesome!

    (Yes, we’re geeks. Total, utter, geeks. Beyond what Aaron said about being a stage combat geek, and more like stage combat, renaissance, pirate, costume-drama, men with long hair, sci-fi effects geeks.)

  6. You had me at Johnny Depp.

  7. We loved Cars, and we don’t have kids. It was just so fun!

    Wow – Kaiser worked on Pirates of the Carribean. Do you get to go to the premiere? *swoon* I sure hope so.

  8. There might be a cast and crew screening…but I’m sure I won’t get to go. Maybe the Kaiser…but I’m sure I’ll be home with the kiddos.

  9. Unless any of you want to come babysit

  10. Aaron also worked on Sky High? My kids LOVE that movie! National Treasure too?


    He might be more popular in my house now than Johnny Depp. Almost.

    If I lived in CA, I’d babysit. Don’t they have family and friends screenings out there? Disney and Universal does them here for cast members all the time.

    Anyway, thanks for some great movie work Aaron!


  11. That. is. very. cool.

    My husband does (produces) TV commercials. Which are not so cool. There’s no ‘hey did you see Johnny Depp today’ talk. More – ‘you brought home another batch of Swiffers AGAIN?’

  12. Aaron is famous! I’d like his autograph please.

    And if I can get Doug to take me to a movie, this will be the one. He’s sick of my girly flicks.

  13. So if a movie he worked on is nominated for the category he works in, does that mean he’d get to go to the Oscars?

    Loved National Treasure, too, by the way and we’re planning on seeing Pirates. What fun!!

  14. does daddy work for disney? i just left disney after 5 years this past august!!!!
    cars rocked and i cannot fucking WAIT for pirates!

  15. Wow! That’s awesome.

    I’m going for sure now!

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