The Space Shuttle had best not explode

…Because I have a 3-year-old glued to NASA TV. And when I say glued, I mean he’s simply watching the thing sit on the launch pad. No one is talking. Nothing is happening. It’s just sitting there.

So NASA, get this one right or this Mom will kick your ass.


  1. No kidding. I can’t watch.

    I still remember watching the Challenger….and I think I was all of 11.

  2. Think I’m paranoid about watching shuttles take off now. Two disasters in 20 years is enough to do that to me. I’ll read about it in the news either way.

  3. Definitely a scary thought if something bad happens to this one.

  4. I remember watching the Challenger explode when I was a kid, too. Very sobering, and I’ve been scared of space ever since.

    Here’s hoping (both for the astronauts and for the Count) that it goes well this time.

  5. Is the count still sitting there? I read earlier that the launch was delayed because of weather.

  6. Sorry today’s launch was scrubbed. Now you’ve got another whole day to remain glued to NASA TV; I’ve got my fingers crossed for tomorrow afternoon!

    At least you didn’t go down to Florida for the launch. (heh heh, yeah. Point and snicker at Aunt Bob)

  7. Oh my gosh. I remember exactly where I was when the Challenger exploded. Probably sixth grade or so in the library at school. It was awful.

  8. I would still go up into space in a second. Maybe I will turn on NASA TV today, because I am damn sick of Nick.

  9. Do you have a future rocket scientist on your hands? Or just a typical male who will watch anything on tv for hours at a time?

    I’m hoping they get it right, too. As said above, 2 screw ups in the last 20 years is plenty.

  10. Scratched again for another day. I hope the Count has a short attention span when it comes to this launch. I can just visualize him planted in front of the tv asking when’s it gonna take off. Getting more upset as time goes on of course because kids don’t get that the big ship can’t take off in rain. It’s a big ship, come on!

  11. Can I just point out the relationship between the picture above and the Count’s fascination with his boy parts? Hee hee…

  12. I still think the relationship between the picture and boy parts are exactly why my friends who are rocket scientists chose their profession.

    Well, that, and being able to tell lots of almost-dirty jokes about solid rocket boosters. is a great place to get updates — they usually have news on launches (go or no go) before just about anyone else.

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