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Ok, so there are a few little bumps here with the new blog. Hang in there with me, please.

In the meantime, ponder my latest theory:

Douching. Our mother’s generation douched. Our generation does not douche.


  1. because it’s bad for you. baginas are self-cleaning.

  2. What Jennifer said. Hope the new blog gets fixed soon. It looks good in IE and Firefox here though. Beautiful!

  3. i’m laughing at baginas..

    your blog looks good in flock, btw.

  4. I agree completely, they are of our parents’ generation.

    Funny douche story: I was at the grocery store with my mom the other day and she asked me if I thought she needed to buy a box of douches for my sister. She went on to explain that since she has a real boyfriend, she’d be needing them soon. I was horrified. Both at the knowledge that my 16 year old sister might be getting it on, and that my mother felt the need to share that information with me and the rest of the grocery store patrons. It was really awkward.

  5. ….but that little tale helps us to understand you. I never quite got what douching was supposed to be. Massengil commercials made it seem like a outdoor scented air freshener…

  6. Oh man…..


  7. Yes, and our generation has suffered fewer infections as a result. Nature was smart and designed them to be self-cleaning. Women survived for thousands of years without the douche. It will eventually go the way of the renaissance makeup that made women look beautiful while slowly poisoning them with mercury.

    If others can see this fine in Firefox, maybe it’s just my Firefox? I’ll check and see if I have the latest version.

  8. I am of the opinion that soap works, so use it. I stay clean and smelling nice (but it might have something to do with a waxed whoo-ha), plus I don’t have weekly infections from flushing out good bacteria.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  9. Queen of Spain says:

    See, I never even knew what it was…it was just that odd box under my Mom’s sink next to the tampons. I was never even told about the whole douching thing…and my Mom was the kind of Mom who told you everything. So it had to go out of fashion before I turned 13…or else I would have known and been, taught…I guess. I don’t know.

  10. You realize that that isn’t even a “theory,” right? Just a non sequiter? OK, then.

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    Right. Right. No real theory there…but none of my babblings are ever really, well…you know, you read here.

  12. I have nothing to add here, really. Except for the fact that for the longest time I thought Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s song “Blinded by the Light” went like this:

    “Blinded by the light…wrapped up like a douche into the middle of the night.”

    So didn’t make sense.

  13. What about condoms as a generational divider?
    I worked with this lady (years ago) who told me she had never had sex with a condom (she’s about 20 years old than me).
    I told her I had never had sex without one…….
    she probably regularly Douched as well….

  14. I’ve had two “bagina” infections in my whole life…and they occurred within a day or two of douching…nuff said. I’ve also never had a man complain about any odors…I DO take daily bathes/showers and I do the yard work.

    Yes, TMI.

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