‘Cause they are liars

2 dips in the pool.

1 shower.

1 washcloth wipe-down.

1 wet wipe scrub.

Johnson and Johnson Babywash. Dove soap. Shampoo. Mom’s uber-expensive face wash.

“Washable” markers. Crayola fuckers. Liars. Liars. Liars.


  1. Are you serious? I was just about to go out and get some of those markers. Glad to know the truth, but sorry you had to find out the hard way!

  2. LOL All they really mean is not permanent on skin. Did you try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover? Hope it all works out. 🙂

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Yeah. It’s gone. And I didn’t scrub. I just washed. Poor girl. I guess I learned my lesson. I watched her mark her ENTIRE BODY, thinking..”eh, she’s quiet…I’ll wash it off later!”

    Stupid me. Stupid, stupid me.

    I really like the Color Wonder stuff. But my little one sticks in in her hair like gel and it’s like trying to get vasoline out.

  4. Just wanted to Hi Queenie. Slow day, and feel like $%@#$

  5. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser?

  6. You mean they aren’t washable, really? That’s false advertising!

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Define “washable.” If you mean “washable” in that they came off my Mom’s patio table with a sponge. Then sure, totally washable. If you mean “washable” to mean that I can wash them, easily, off my child’s skin. Then no. Not so much.

    It’s all mostly off, but her belly is still a little green and orange in spots.

  8. Ha! I hope you took a picture!!

  9. Sounds like their washable crayons – they come off of hard surfaces easily, but the dark colors sometimes don’t come out of clothing. Ugh.

  10. Usually takes a day or two to wear off skin. Comes nicely out of beige carpet, though.

  11. I’m sorry. I’m laughing. At you. AT you. Totally AT you.

  12. i think it means you can WASH the markers. like in the dishwasher.

    and M’n’Ms DO melt in your hand.

  13. OK, those totally wash RIGHT OFF Bella. Because she “decorates” herself a LOT. Maybe some people have different skin pH? Maybe our extreme humidity here helps the ink slide right off?

  14. I totally understand. They are not WASHABLE off skin. My daughter used to come home everyday from day care with it on her skin and when I complained, I was said “but they are washable!” like I was a moron. Oh, NOT SO MUCH! Not off skin! They finally stopped.

  15. One would think washable means they wash off everything. Even skin. Freakin’ A. As if mom’s don’t have enough to worry about — like crayon on the effing walls — now markers aren’t easy to get off skin! Crayola needs to fix this. I’ll write them a letter….after my lungs are back to normal. One has nothing to do with the other. I’m just being whiney. I’m sorry. Slap me, Queen. I’m losing it.

  16. Uh yeah…I should have told you.

    So. Not. Washable.


  17. I fell off my chair. You bother to wash the stuff off the kids? Why? Will comes home from “school” (daycare) with some color on him three times a week.

    Look at your children as a……living, constantly changing work of art………

    I’m still giggling….

  18. Perhaps they mean “you are free to TRY to wash them off and good luck with that to you”.

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