Dear Katie and CBS

You had me. I was buying the whole “I’m a professional and I no longer dress up for Halloween for ratings” thing. I even TIVO’d you, despite my usual NBC national news viewing, to see how you’d do on your first night. America cares like that.

You had the serious news face down. The straight delivery. Even the casual chatter when needed. I was buying it. My mind was going from “I’ve seen your colon” to “she’s giving me important, global, information.”

Then, it happened. I was just about to change the channel and BAM. You blew it. CBS blew it. And this woman won’t be watching you again.

They just had to have you lounge on the edge of the desk during the closing credits and dangle your legs like a cheap, smokey bar, piano act. Wow. What a quick way to WIPE OUT an entire newscast where I took you seriously.

You played the woman card. CBS played the woman card. In, what I can only guess, was an attempt to keep the NASCAR Dads viewing.

You’re better than that. And we women deserve a 2006 representation, not a 1956 one. For the “first” woman to solo a newscast, this former newscaster is disappointed. You had an opportunity to play with the big boys, show the world the talk of a woman not being able to carry a national newscast was outdated and silly, and you used your legs instead of your brain.

Dammit Katie. Like it or not, you represented many women journalists tonight. And you blew it by catering to “sex sells.” I don’t think I’ll ever take you seriously again.

With heartfelt regrets,



  1. Yeah, but you have to admit Katie is a piece of ass. I think we’d all prefer oggling her legs over, say, Walter Cronkite’s colostomy bag or Anderson Cooper’s smug, prematurely gray head.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    My husband felt the same way…until one fateful Today show when she eluded to the fact she found oral sex degrading. She is now dead to him

  3. Note to self…..Katie’s husband/boyfriend would be unwilling to control himself around a female willing to bob the knob…….(never know when this information will come in handy).

  4. I’m with him. Katie is now a motherless cunting whore in my eyes.

  5. Oh no she din’t!!

  6. AMEN Erin. (Why do alot of your posts make me wanna say “Amen?” Oh right, because you’re friggin smart as all hell.

    So A-Freakin’-MEN.

  7. I have to admit I was a little curious about her debut. I wasn’t curious enough to watch it though, so thanks for the recap. I’m so disappointed. But it’s not too surprising — she always wanted to be a lounge singer (remember that time each Today Show host got to be something else for a week and she was a singer?). Maybe this whole evening news thing is like an audition for her. Watch, she’ll sneak in a few bars of “Luck Be a Lady” tonight. No lounge owner was ever up early enough to catch the Today Show so this is her big chance!

  8. You mean there was a time when you actually took her seriously?

  9. I never took her seriously and I work for NBC. Or, work for them through the 14th of this month. And then it’s home with my Baby so I can mock television as much as I want. 😉

    That said, “Really? You took her seriously at some point? Because I didn’t.”

    I’m glad she screwed it up last night. Just further confirms my utter disdain for her as a “newscaster.” She belongs on Entertainment Tonight.

    That said; former newscaster? Where did you work? Hello; I’m Jenna. 🙂

  10. How dissappointing!

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    I guess I was taking her seriously in the “you’re playing it straight” sort of way. Like…she could just deliver the news straight for a half hour with no giggling.

  12. Yes, she looked ridiculous last night, but it’s not like she was on Girls Gone Wild.

    And like it or not men aren’t the only ones who see women as sex symbols. We women can’t make up our minds. I’m speaking solely on my own behalf.

    One minute I want to be the sexy, young, hip woman who turns heads. The next minute I want to be the covered up, dressed nicely, trophy wife. Then again, I want to be the professional insurance agent who always does her job well, but isn’t afraid to throw in a little sexiness to get my way. What’s wrong with that? Women have power, why not use it?

    She wasn’t flashing her tits on camera. And even if she did she’d be censored and fired and we must remember, they are just boobs, right? Nothing sexual about that.

    I guess I’m saying, as women when will we all sit down and make “the rules” for how we should behave at every given moment of every day?

    I’ve seen Barbara Walters stick her legs out on the view. Meredith Vieira did it quite often. It’s not like Katie was the first one.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just living in my own bubble. But it sure seems like we women can’t get our shit together no matter what we do.

  13. Queen of Spain says:

    I disagree. I think there is a time and a place for the sexy side of womanhood.

    I think this is less a matter of her using what she’s got, and more a matter of her abusing what she’s got. If she were an investigative reporter using her wildly woman ways to get the real story, that’s one thing. But this is no place for anything but straight, professional, hard news.

    An entertainment reporter? Sure. Throw those legs out there. But she’s supposed to be in the same relm as cronkite and brokaw and williams? Then be about the news. Not about your legs. Then show me you are a straightforward professional. Don’t show me how cute you are.

    I don’t want cute. I want trust. I want facts. I want to barely notice YOU and to only notice the news. I’m not saying there isn’t a time and a place to be “katie” I’m just saying, as a journalist, the national nightly newscast IS NOT that time and place. And that is what this was all about. Her being a professional, trusted, journalist who would be taken seriously anchoring a national, nightly, newscast.

    All she did was read the telepromptor and flash her legs. Cheap. Not news. And NOT professional journalism.

  14. Queen of Spain says:

    Oh. The View isn’t news. It’s entertainment. Or INFOtainment. So is the Today show. Etc.

    And Barbara wouldn’t flash her legs while interviewing Castro on 60 minutes. Yes, on the View while showing how to make a facial from avacados and mayo…but NOT while doing real news.

  15. I didn’t see it last night. When you say she was lounging – was she leaning against the desk? Sitting on it?

    I did hear that she got to break the first pic of Suri Cruise, and I thought, “How trite. You get this huge new position, and on your first night you get the ‘honor’ of premiring Suri Cruise? Save it for Access Hollywood.”

  16. Wow, I missed it! I’m glad she held up during the newscast, but I can’t believe they would close this way. Too bad, I won’t be watching her.

  17. I just want to be sexy and hip all the time.
    I fail.
    But it’s what I want.

    I didn’t watch but I don’t watch the news so I would probably not have even noticed. Or I would have thought it was bizarre, the way I think it’s bizarre when CNN makes Robin Mead WALK AROUND for no apparent reason during her show.

    I usually just wonder if she has some some cute skirt she wants to show someone……..

    I wasn’t aware about the Suri thing …….I guess not watching the news for the past 3 years has me out of touch with what passes for network news these days. I thought it was just too graphic images of the burned up airplanes on which my friends died that they liked to feature…..repeatedly. “Here is one angle of flight 5191, oh and here is another…..and another, and another…….and oh look here are the seats where the passengers burned to death……..”

    Television journalism is dead.

  18. Here via Blogexplosion

    I caught her third newscast and I just didn’t care for the format of the show. It seemed… a morning show?



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