I want to play bridge and drink bloody marys*

I want to watch Oprah.

I do not want to work.

I want to be head of the PTA.

I want to organize fundraisers.

I want my husband to make the money while I tidy up the house.

I want to keep my engagement ring.

I want to get a new tattoo.

I want to listen to Mary J. Blige AND Laurie Berkner.

I want you to stop assuming I’m a bad feminist or simply a suburban soccer mom, even if I am.

I want to stop defending my choices to other women.

I want to play bridge and drink bloody marys.

*my new favorite phrase, coined by Sarah. We’re going to have to learn bridge…


  1. We’ve already got the Bloody Mary thing down pat.

  2. Can I have a beer instead?

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    only if you put a celery stick in it

  4. my stepdad would be STOKED to hear that! he’s been trying to teach me bridge forever. i can hook you up . . .

    i hate tomato juice but loooove a spicy bloody mary, especially WITH a beer.

  5. About the not working thing…isn’t taking care of your family work?

    You should check out the economic theories of Hazel Henderson. She will blow your mind with her talk of the “Care economy.” She asks nutty questions like “Why do trees that are cut down have economic value, but trees that are left standing don’t?”

    Hun, you can keep your pretty jewels and still be a feminist IMO. Just like you can let men open doors for you and still be a feminist. I think the highest value is kindness.

  6. Can I have a strawberry daquiri instead? It’s still the same color. Yes, I’ll put the celery in it, too.

    And I don’t know the first thing about bridge. But I can play a mean game of euchre.

  7. Queen of Spain says:


  8. I hate card games because any time I’ve been around people playing them their manners leave them completely.
    And I don’t like bloody mary’s.

    Nevermind, I’ll come over when you guys are doing something else.

  9. While I would change the bloddy mary’s to vodka with cranberry and the bridge to phase 10, I get the sentiment.

  10. That was easily the lamest thing I’ve seen on the BlogHer site since…well, a long time. Speak for YOURSELF, especially if you are a single, never-married, actively dating young woman. There is no WAY you can speak on my behalf, no matter how hard you THINK you can.

    UGH. Why’d you make me notice that?

  11. Thanks for the thoughts, both here and the comments on BlogHer. I totally agree. Change or keep or add to you name. Wear rings or not. It’s up to the inidividual.

  12. I was a Euchre queen. Played it TOO much when I was a bartender.

    I’ll kick some ass! Once I remember how to play. I haven’t played in 3 years. Yikes.

  13. cheers to all of that, sheesh. i could go for a double today… and about that sex post above, not everyone’s as lucky as you. sometimes it just fuckin’ stops working right. but my relationship on the whole just went up in smoke (blaze of unglory) a few months back. s’okay, it’s what had to happen.

    i love your blog! keep up the good work and let me know what you think of my site.

  14. I’m pretty sure that no one assumes that you are a bad feminist. And if they do, just ignore them. Easier said than done…

  15. what about gin rummy and vodka martinis instead? then i’m in.

  16. Watching the light flicker off your engagement ring as you lift the Bloody Mary can lead to hypnotic giggles. And believe me, the PTA WANTS YOU! Don’t even wait until your child is in school! THEY WANT YOU NOW!!


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