Bush Whacked

I got all political (who me?) and wrote at post for the Bush Whacked guys. Go read it and leave me a comment.

We’re having company here today. Childless people. Let’s see how they handle Lego’s to the head and endless viewings of “Safe Side Super Chick.” Maybe that’s what the CIA should use for it’s “alternative” torture.


  1. I can’t read your post, it’s not coming up on the page. I’ll have to try later! That said, I can’t see the other link either…..ugh. I guess my computer hates to work today.

  2. ha ha, love the idea of “alternative torture” lol

  3. Once again, well done.

    I loved in particular how you dealt with your anonymous commenter. Is it the Detroit coming out in ya or just the pissed off liberal? Either way I just about snorted my Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

    Thanks for the laugh and the article.


  4. Obama in ’08!

  5. Good post over there – I had plenty to say in the comment section. You know me.. lol

  6. HI DUFFY! (waving)

  7. Hah – I love the way you say Childless People.

    Did they survive?

  8. Thanks for the shout-out and for the guest post!! We appreciate it.

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