Save These Women-a call to action

You can not read this story and then choose to do nothing. You are not a heartless bastard.

I read Kim’s post at BlogHer, leading me to Ali Eteraz’s post and my mind began to spin.

I just spent the last hour cuddling my children to sleep after a day of fun…and women, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, thousands of miles away are condemned to die for “Crimes Against Chastity.” What the hell does that mean?

I’ll tell you…for some it meant they cheated on their husbands. For others it meant they were raped. Raped. RAPED. And now they are slated to be killed. They get raped and now they will be killed. Lovely. What a freaking world we live in. This morning I got my hair done, and an Iranian women sat in a jail cell waiting to die for having been attacked and abused.

I want to go on and on about it being 2006 and so on and so on, but really, the women’s stories speak for themselves.

Now that you know, you must do something. Go sign the petitions. Go send the emails.

If you don’t go do something about these women, don’t come back to this blog. Ever. Take me off your blogroll and don’t bother spending your time reading stories about my life. I don’t want you here.

And for those that DO take action (a whole 20 seconds of your online time today) thank you.


  1. Hopefully this helps. I think petitions and letters did for the woman sentenced to be stoned in Africa a few years ago. If nothing else sending letters to Iran (signed “A Friend of Iran”) definitely puts your name on a list (just when you thought the paranoia was over).

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Yeah, I thought about that too. I just figured I’m a Friend of EVERYONE. Until they bomb me. Then I’m not their friend. I mean, I can be a friend of a country, not it’s leader…right?

  3. I signed the petitions a while back, and sent my letters as well. But the truth is, this happens all over the Muslim world where there are fanatics following sharia law. That’s just a fact of their lives, and it’s horrible and unfair and sadistic, but it isn’t going to change as long as Islamists continue to grow in power, subjugating women, refusing to educate them and teach them to read, and treating them like posessions. This is a systemic problem with an entire population, and I don’t see much changing even with the world breathing down their throats. It just gives Islamists more reason to hate westerners, because we’re interfering with their legal system.

    Makes me INSANE!!!

  4. I’m off to read the article you mentioned.

    I was wondering…do you read The Den of the Biting Beaver? She going through hell right now because of an unplanned pregnancy…mostly from the death threats she’s receiving. I’m curious what your thoughts are on this topic.

  5. All right, done.

  6. I’m crying. I just read. I’ll sign and send what that post said. I just ate lunch and want to throw up. I’m going to cuddle with my baby now.

  7. God. Of COURSE I’ll do it. Right now.

  8. Signed and delivered, pending their approval.

    This makes me sick. You’d like to think this never happens in these days and times.

  9. did it. am so sad.

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    Yeah. me too. That’s why I had no choice but to post it.

  11. Done, read the site and bookmarked it form blogher and was planning on doing so, but seeing your post motivated me sooner. Here’s to hoping this shit never happens here.

  12. Wow. I’m speechless. Signed the petitions. Going to hug my family.


  13. Already did it on Friday night, when I saw the post on BlogHer. I couldn’t read that and NOT do something so simple to try to help.

  14. I remember hearing about this a while back and being horrified. All over the world women are subjected to the most horrible treatment because “that’s just how it is there.”

    Women are burned in India, stoned in Africa and murdered in Islamic fundamentalist countries for being raped or “defiled” in some way.

    In Africa baby girls are routinely raped by men with AIDS and young girls are subjected to clitorectomies with crude instruments and no anaesthesia.

    There is no end to number of ways women are victimized around the world. It makes my heart hurt for all of us.

    Off to sign the petition.

  15. Done and done.

  16. I’m here via blog explosion.
    A blogger I read routinely at wonderland posted this last week and prior to that she had posted this link
    about honor killing in Afghanistan as well.
    Everyone should do what they can.

  17. that is simply horrible. god… the things they do for their “religion” and “laws”… its sick… off to sign the petition!!

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