You can take the girl out of Detroit…


I nearly cried. That is how good it felt.


  1. Any team that beats the Yankees is MY team. I’m so Tigerish these days. Go Detroit!

  2. Boo – it is sad when the Yankees lose. (I guess if I wrote the post I would call it, “You Can Take the Girl Out of NY.”

    Enjoy your win!

  3. Who woulda thunk it?

    When the Angels finally won the World Series a few years back, Mr. Stapler would wake up for 6 months afterward and say “I STILL can’t believe how good it feels!”

  4. It is always lovely to see the Yankees lose.

    It’s like when the Lambda Lambda Lambda’s beat the Alpha Beta’s to take over the greek council.

    Not that I am calling the Tigers nerds.

    You know what I mean.


  1. Tigers…

    Queenofspainblog wrote an interesting post about tigers detroit….

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