A Parenting Service Announcement, From the Queen

…in Haiku

Two plums for the Count
Two flats of blueberries too
Poop. Floor. House. Please stop.

Kaiser grocery store
Queen’s handwriting lunatic


  1. Violet the Verbose says:

    Oh I feel your pain, sister! Two weeks ago Sweet Pea ate WAY too many prune plums at my sister’s house & dripped all over the carpet – had to have Slipshod bring the carpet cleaner over… Oh the joys of motherhood! hee hee

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    It even ended up in between pages of our Sunday LA Times. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  3. Eeeeeeew.

  4. Violet the Verbose says:

    I’m only laughing because I figure you’ve got it cleaned up by now… ha ha ha! YUCK. So sorry.

    Dudette, I’m SO stoked for you about the Peanut pooping on the potty! I’m hoping so hard that in a couple years The Bug will potty train WAY quicker than her sister.

    But Sweet Pea’s doing great now – I’m very proud and excited. :o)

  5. I’m envisioning the moment in the grocery store. “She wants corn nuts? Oh well, I guess she knows what she’s doing, I’d better get them.”

  6. I love you.

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