Cookies and High School Musicals

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Chalk one up for the Royal Family…we don’t even HAVE a member of our clan in the local high school, yet the youngest of our brood managed to get kicked out of the Fall Teens in Silly Costumes Singing stuff from Broadway Spectacular.

Yeah…the anal teacher that takes her job too seriously announced “concert etiquette” for the high school production before the festivities began, and offered cookies in the hallway for those children making any “noise” while the zit-faced, hormone pulsing youngins sang their hearts out.

My well behaved and appropriately dressed small people LOVED the music and kids dancing. So much so, that when the first little program ended, my daughter protested. We TOLD her there was more coming. More off key singing! More sequins! MORE jazz hands!


But the anal teacher kept talking.

We have such a great group of kids this year.
They really work hard and have fun.
Yada yada yada.


Anal teacher says into her podium/microphone/dictator stand “COOKIE!

…and the Royal Family exits in shame.

Oh! But the fun doesn’t stop there. As if getting kicked out of some high school production wasn’t ENOUGH, Count Waffles had to out do his sister in the hallway by bringing down THE TABLE of cookies. And then spilling his lemonade.

We rock.


  1. This is why anal teacher is not a star. Any good star knows that “MOOOOORRRRREEEE!” is a good thing!;)

  2. You guys do rock. Rock On!

  3. They seriously kicked you guys out? What a crock of shit.

    I’m so tired of people not understanding those of us with children — toddlers especially.

    For the first time in a looooooong time I’m just mad. If these people have any ideas on how to keep a two year old quiet, shoot ’em my way.

    We get stares and awful looks at the library (in the kids dept. mind you), at the bank, at the store, at the gas station. I’m done with it.

    This teacher needs to be locked in a room with toddlers for a day and then she can see how her “concert etiquette” will be stuffed up her ass.


    Okay. Sorry to vent, but I feel better now.

  4. This is why I am childless. Because I can knock the table over ALL BY MYSELF, thank you.

  5. Good for Count Waffles. Nice going. I’d have done a bit more damage, personally, I might have also danced on the cookie/lemonade mess and ground it in a bit.. 😉

    I had teachers like that. Grr..

  6. I knock over the cookies if some bitch kicked my family out of the high school musical too.

    You go Waffles!

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Sarah makes me feel better. I thought, for a brief moment, maybe I had missed some kids and musicals don’t mix memo from society. I mean…this was not Les Miz in Paris or anything. It was our local high school. Where everyone has little brothers and sisters.

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    I’d also like to point out my children did not disrupt the actual performances-it was inbetween jazz hands.

    So there.

    Seriously, I hope this woman retires before my kids get there, or I’m already in trouble.

  9. I had to read this twice, b.c. how insane could this teacher possibly be – etiquette? for Toddlers??? too bad nobody flicked a booger at her!

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    Well, I got the feeling no one under the age of 14 was allowed to attended…if she had her way. It was clear those of us with small children were not welcome.

  11. Young ones can be so misunderstood. My nieces love to rock to music and I understand the princess. Go Royalty!!!

  12. Wow, that teacher was crazy. To not expect a child to make noise? Good for Count Waffles – I would have maybe pocketed all the cookies before wrecking havoc on the table and lemonade, but to each his own.

  13. At least if you’re going to wreak havoc, you did it to the fullest extent! Way to go!

  14. I officially love your family and I don’t even know ya’ll! Yah for spilling his lemonade. A great finish!

  15. What a snit. I wonder what she would have done if you had just ignored her:) I think you could “take her” if she tried to physically remove you!

  16. ooh that sounds like it coulda been my family! nice work!

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