Choo-Choo Soul Rocks Queen of Spain!

We dance to them in our living room. They get the kids bopping before breakfast. Choo-Choo Soul on Playhouse Disney is one of the ONLY “kid” groups we ALL love around here. In honor of their Itunes release on Halloween, I had a nice little chat with Genevieve, my son’s first crush and my daughter’s new idol.

All Aboard!!!Genevieve and DC hanging out on Queen of Spain

Tell the Moms a little about Choo Choo Soul and how it was formed:

Well Greg came up with this whole idea, but it all started when we met in his office in Northern Cal, when I was auditioning for a voiceover job for his incredibly amazing video game, TOEJAM & EARL III, Mission to Earth. I was auditioning for the lead but wasn’t quite what they were looking for, but we had great chemistry and he cast me as several background character voices. When he asked me to try “singing” a line instead of just reading it, a HUGE lightbulb went off in his mind and he ended up writing a bunch of new lines for me to sing in the game. After the release, he came up with the idea of doing a whole children’s CD, with hip music that parents would actually like too! We agreed to create the product in hopes that it would get picked up but had no idea it would go this far! Disney was interested in the music but after thinking about the concept and seeing some pics, they were considering it as a live tv spot. They flew Greg and I down to LA and brought us to a pre-school class with about 25 kids. They instructed us to some important guys in suits and ties and they set up a video camera, pressed play on the cd and said .. “GO!” DC, who can also be seen in the videos, was in a band with me at the time and Greg had him add his beatboxing talents to the CD. He just so happens to be ADORABLE so Disney wanted him on the show as well!!! ”

Your music is really one of a kind in the kids’ genre right now-was that on purpose?

I think so. Greg wrote the songs and I added my twist, with harmonies and backgrounds and what-not. I think we all inspired each other to keep it hip and really to give kids more credit than they get… They actually are really hip and don’t necessarily need to be “talked down to”. They love our music too, so why not give them their own grown up-style music while also helping the parents get a little relief!! Greg had worked with Burke before too, who is the one who made the music. Greg would come up with the beat in his head and actually sing it to Burke, who made it what you now hear. I think the long standing Chemistry helped a lot too.

How are enjoying the “smaller” audience? Is it harder to entertain kids than adults?

I LOOOVE the small audience!!! They don’t care What I’m wearing, who I’m dating, How much I weigh….. They are so honest and so precious I just love it. It is definitely difficult to keep their attention and to entertain them overall. But the great beat and energy of the music makes it really easy on me as the front person! Adults can be tough to entertain as well so that is hard to answer. I’d say so far in my career though it has been harder to entertain adults.

Finally, THANK YOU for making GOOD music for kids that the whole family can dance around the kitchen and sing too. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have something WE ALL want to listen to…so now that you’re big stars on Disney, what’s next? Will we get to see you live? Will there be Choo Choo Soul plush toys on store shelves? And can we say we knew you when???

Well I sure hope you can say you knew us when!! As for now Choo Choo Soul is still a “pilot” so to speak. It is airing every day but they are deciding if they want to make it into a full-time show. They will be releasing the songs on iTunes on October 31st!! I think that depending on how well that sells they may start making some decisions. I have a hunch that they will make these videos into a DVD series and sell those as well….. I’m hoping for a full length show, a movie or a live show tour! (I hadn’t thought about the plush doll!!!! That would be amazing!!!)


  1. I am so exctied you did this, I LOVE choo- choo soul. We keep looking at your web site waiting for the dvd to come out! I can not wait for the videos. My son plays the songs over and over again on the Disney site.

    Thanks Erin! I will be purchasing tunes tomorrow.


  2. I have never heard of Choo-choo soul. I’ll have to check them out. How excellent that you got an interview!

  3. Is your son going to get a job as guitarist on the show? 😉

  4. Do you know “The Dirty Sock Funtime Band”?
    They are kid’s ska, and I love them

  5. I’m so jealous you got to interview her! We love listening to Choo Choo Soul as well.

  6. WOW, this is fantastic! I’d listen to this music even when the kids aren’t there!

  7. Oh, yeah. The Goon Squad runs around singing “All Aboard the Choo Choo Train” all the time. I also credit these two with making my kids happy instead of scared the first time I took them on the metro. They just kept yelling “Choo Choo!” and “All Aboard!”

  8. My 1 year old daughter has been loving choo choo soul since she was 8 months old. She has been walking since she was 9 months. This is the first music that she started dancing to. My 13 year old son loves this also. She is his excuse for listening to it. I don’t need an excuse, I sing the songs all the time even when they are not around. Make a DVD, I’m buying it! Make a movie or a show, we are there. I am so glad that someone has decided to add this type of flavor to education and nursery rhymes. The other stuff is to traditonal and safe. Genevieve…..jimmy G. pointed me in the right directrion to get the CD. Thanks to you all and good luck with your Career. your new CD is HOT and I am a fan.

  9. monique haymon says:

    My 11 month old been walking from 7 months and I had to recoerd the the CHoo-Choo train song and play it over and over for him to dance to. He can be fast asleep and when he hears that he is wide awoke then goes back to sleep when it is over. He also stops whatever he is doing for that 5 minutes. So now when I sing the theme song to him he runs to the Tv to look for the show.

  10. this is so great…. thank you so much for posting this and thank you so much to everyone who has responded!!! We hope to make many more fun songs for you!! (and of course, your kids too…)

    = )


  11. hi

    i was wondering where i can purchase the cd. i’ve been looking everywhere and cannot find it anywhere!!!! my 2 yr ol son loves to dance and sing to it. please send me more info through my email. thank you

  12. i just want to get a cd if possibl

  13. OK. Computer illerate here… I can’t find this cd anywhere on the net….. my son loves all your songs when they come on the disney chanel and turns the tv full blast… in the car on radio disney (XM radio) I have to turn it up full blast for him… can someone point me in the direction of the cd??? Thanks!

  14. When and where is the cd going to be available? I would like it for my sons birthday party next week.

  15. Is there a music video that we can purchase . .my grandson loves watching it on the computer. . .

  16. melissa nuernberger says:

    I am interested in the cd/ video, is there any available? Please reply my son is so happy when the music plays!

  17. I guess I took for granted that your CD’s and DVD’d would be at the top of the kids charts and readily available for sale on amazon etc… I was shocked to see that your music is only available via download? Your style, writing, dance and performance exceed that of most everything Disney has to offer for kids. My daughter memorized your videos as soon as they came out. We dance and groove to the videos at playhouse disney. We will gladly call or write Disney to push for more Choo Choo Soul! We wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with us!

  18. Mary Harold says:

    Girl you are THE GREATEST! My 2 yr old grandson, Christian knows which button to press to call me on his mom’s cell phone and when Choo choo Soul comes on Disney he runs and gets her phone so he can sing with you to me. You are one of his 1st teachers which gives you a very special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing your gift.

  19. My daughter has loved Choo Choo Soul since she was 6 months old. She is now 11 months old and when Choo Choo Soul comes on she bops and rocks to the beat!! I would definately purchase a DVD, and I’ll be looking for the CD’s also.

  20. Christina says:

    My daughter just turned two and because of choo choo soul, she knows her ABC’s and how to count. I can’t keep her away from it! Thank you so much!

  21. As you all readt know kids love you . I’ve looked all over net trying to find original Choo Choo Soul album the one Disney is releasing has only 10 songs think you had 13..My grandson loves your matter which kids tune he stops he’s fav is jump jump. I really hope someone with a heart would offer the orginal Choo Choo Soul .I myself think your voice is fantasic good luck with all your endeavors..Ipurchased your new album it is great…Thank You

  22. i want a dvd ……have they come out with one yet (choo choo soul)????

  23. Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! ovnvuyjaxd

  24. Kristen says:

    Any news on a DVD or CD to purchase not downloaded? My nephew is huge fan…He says Choo Choo all the time and immediately stops as soon as he hears the music and runs for the tv. I’ve looked all over for the original TV spots and would love to buy a DVD & CD.

  25. Thanks for this site!

  26. I am with everyone else! My kids, 1 yo and 7 yo, love the Choo Choo Soul shows and songs! My 1 yo son is always singing the songs. I would love to see a CD or/and DVD. I think it is a great educational and motivational program for babies,preschool children and even for school age kids. Hey, even my husband enjoys singing the Chugga Chugga Choo Choo songs with my 1 yo. Please let me know when the CD and DVD will be in the stores. And what stores they will be in. It would be a great idea to have Choo Choo Soul kids birthday party favors and toys too!

  27. I heard this with my 4 year old daughter for the 1st time this summer. She had heard it before and was excited to show me. I am a kindergarten teacher w/an 18 year old daughter who sings. I have thought about this style of music for my own classroom, but never knew how to get it done. After showing my favorite ABC Gospel to her, she was amazed as I had been. I’d love to have a DVD for my home and classroom! I LOVE THE SOUND!

  28. We LOVE “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”. My 2 1/2 year old daughter, my 6 year old son, and I stop whatever we are doing when we hear “All aboard…” The volume goes way up and we sing and dance and have a great time. It is the best music and show and we are very much looking forward to buying the DVD (when it comes out). My daughter will break out singing, “chugga chugga choo…chugga chugga aaahh..” at the store, school, home, everywhere. And, I must admit, I chime right in with her. Please let me know when the CD and DVD’s are released and to what stores.

  29. I just had to stop by and let you know that I really thank Choo-Choo Soul with Genevieve for such wonderful, upbeat, happy and positive tunes. I am the proud Mother of 3 year old twin boys and before discovering you, the only person they were totally bonkers for was Caillou. Ever since I changed the channel one day a few months back (at first my boys had a major melt down with heart failure) they are completely hooked. I had to TiVo all your songs for them because they want to hear them over and over and over again. I am soooo thrilled I was able to get your songs from iTunes for download. Now I can play your songs anywhere we are and they can enjoy it in the car as well. If we are on a train or even a bus my boys sit there and yell “All Aboard” any time someone boards. When we get on the r train or bus, my boys start with the Chuga Chuga, psssshh etc….. Again, A HUGE THANKS TO YOU GENEVIEVE AND DC FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. You have made my boys happy! Love and Hugs to you both! Jeanne xoxo

  30. I think the guy and girl from choo choo soul look like porn stars. Talk about driving the caboose!

  31. I would like to say thank you to all that make Choo Choo Soul happen! � My daughter is 1 and she absolutely LOVES it when she sees this segment on Disney! I will purchase any and all products that they make. May everyone have a blessed, safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    To the person that left the porn comment: There is nothing about those two that looks like they’re porn stars and it would be nice if you kept ignorant comments/thoughts like that to yourself!

  32. My son is 16 months old and is absolutely in love with Choo Choo Soul. Every morning when my husband or I get him out of bed the first thing he says is, “choo choo”. He loves the dancing, the music and has a total crush on Genevieve!

  33. Thank you guys so much for the entertainment that you are providing the younger kids with. My 22 month old son loves the choo choo soul videos on the disney channel and he dances and dances until it goes off. I as well catch myself bouncing to the beat throughout the house as well when i hear it on too. I would really love to see disney release a cd or dvd with the video’s, i would most definitely purchase these. Thanks again for the music!!!!!!!!

  34. christie holstein says:


  35. I would love to know if a CD has become available yet. I found one on the net, but it says permanantly out of stock!! Are there any available anywhere??

  36. Hi! My daughter LOVES singing and dancing to your music. And her parents….love it too. LOL. I wish you do get a show/spot on Disney. The quality of your pilot is so much better than some shows Disney has on right now. You feature travel which is very important to expose children to so they can learn about the world and the local spots in the US ( like the farm animals… so cute). You also feature great music. Best of luck. My next stop is to itunes to buy some of your music even though i would really prefer a DVD or CD. I will also put a good word in for you on the disney website and I urge your fans to do the same. Thank you for keeping us jumping!

  37. susan mata says:

    HI! My son (3 yrs) is autistic and does not speak. we love to watch playhouse disney even though hit his attention span is really never there, but when he hears the choo choo sound he’ll stop what ever he’s doing and watch the video. Long story short. One day I set up the computer in front of him whill he was eating and left dad to watch over him whill I went to the store. when I came back DAD had hit play over and over again that when I came home My son was singing the A B C’s lound and clear.
    resently we saw choo choo soul at UCLA LA TIMES
    book fair where the had many Disney characters perform and when Choo Choo Soul came on it made me cry to see the response and enjoyment in my sons face and body watching Choo Choo Soul perform
    Thank you, You helped open his voice

  38. my mom love,S you and I love you to and Sum kid,s nid to Leaon the Alpbet

  39. I love to watch choo choo soul with my little sister and the theme song gets stuck in my head so easily i love that show haha

  40. Myra Ruffin says:

    I live in Maryland and I wanted to know if your cast is coming anywhere near the MD/WDC/Northern Virginia area anytime soon. My son absolutely loves Choo-Choo Soul!!!

    Myra Ruffin

  41. You are truly a Queen! After flicking through stations for my daughter…We landed on CHOO CHOO SOUL and both of our eyes just lit up! Thank GOD for the platform created to help the younger generation learn…I wish you both success and a most prosperous future!

    God Bless you,

  42. PLEASE! PLEASE! make choo choo soul birthday party supplies for my quadruplets that will be turning 5 next year. We love choo choo soul. We have the cd and all dance to it…it’s fun for the whole family!!!
    Thank you,

  43. My granddaughter loves choo choo soul. Thank you for your beautiful music. My favorite is “jump, jump”.

  44. My son is absolutely in LOVE with your music!! we are wanting to have his gym coaches dress up as you two and perform his 2nd birthday party! I am searching searching for Party supplies and decor! Can you point me in the right direction and let me know if there are any Choo Choo Soul items I can buy?? I also need to know where to get or down load the Birthday Party Song. Thank you sooo much for your awesome music and beat!

  45. Caryberry says:


  46. My grandson is 7 and is autistic. When he hears your music, he comes alive. He does not speak much but is trying to sing the words to the music.With guestures, he asks me to put on choo choo Soul every night before bedtime. Will you be doing any shows in the Toms River area of New Jersey? It would mean so much to him to see you in person. There are many more autistic kids here who would also love it. Maybe .. a benefit ???


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