The official Queen of Spain logo




  1. I like it. Are you going to be making trendy QofS t-shirts? If you do please make at least some of them with a v-neck for us big droopy boobed people. Oh and wouldn’t that make a great seal. You could wax seal your snail mail. 🙂

  2. yes.

    Oh. And best of luck in the polls know.

  3. I went to vote this morning before work. Lines. At 7:00 a.m. Now I have to go after work and there will most likely be lines. But I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

  4. Erin? Is it just me or are there things missing from your sidebar?

  5. Wow, I feel stupid now. Sorry, I am Canadian and there are no elections today. Hope the voting goes well with lots of turnout. I still like the graphic though.

  6. I love it.

  7. Love the logo. I voted, in the rain.

    Did the package arrive yet? Are you still speaking to me?


  8. Done!

  9. Finally got out to vote before dinnertime. Slipshod can’t leave the couch – he’s glued to “America Votes.”

  10. I voted this morning. I understand that all my vote does is cancel out my dad’s vote, but is it too much to ask that all the people I want get elected? Hope the people and issues you want get through. I love the graphic too.

  11. thats pretty. i love it.

  12. great, your party won! My husband and I were listening to BBC internet radio about the results and then my husband was reading out stuff from their site. I for one am really glad!

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