He Shares! He Cuts! He Manipulates?

An excerpt from my parent-teacher conference at Count Waffle’s Pre-School:

“He’s a very smart boy! Sometimes a little too smart!”

“Too Smart?”

“Well, there are some group games we don’t let him play or the other children won’t have a chance to answer!”

“Oh. Well, that’s good, right?”

“Oh, yes…he answers before the rest of the children and gets it right every time. We just need to give everyone a chance.”

“Ok. That’s great.”

“But we do have some issues with clean up time.”

“Umm. Yeah. We are working on that at home too.”

“Well, his toys will get cleaned up, the problem is he will talk other children into doing it for him.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your son is very good at getting out of working. He will actually convince someone else to do his job for him.”

Which, I guess, means he’s either an evil genius or super lazy, because I have yet to read him Tom Sawyer.


    Also? Get him out of that class. You can’t let him be sitting off alone and not participating because he’s too smart. He’s either going to get bored and at up or end up trying to play dumb to fit in.
    I speak from experience.

  2. He’s way too advanced to be with those kids. (Maybe for the teacher, too.)

  3. Heh.

    Go Count Waffles! In real life we call that delegating.

  4. I agree with the pp. Make sure he is challenged. And yes, supervisor he is destined to become if he can already delegate in preschool!

    I’m not so sure I would be OK with the “he can’t play because he’s too smart” thing…. that one isn’t sitting right with me.

  5. Oooh! Now that’s how they gotta be! WOOH to the evil genius!

  6. Yep, he’s got supervisor written all over him. Hopefully evil genius supervisor, of course.

  7. I make a lot of money making other people do things.
    Well done Count Waffles.

  8. Oh my gosh. I can’t help but laugh. That is smart!

  9. Well if he is “too smart” for the class, why isn’t the teacher trying to challenge him more? Maybe make him her helper during game time, so other kids have a chance and he isn’t being left out, or pair him with child who is quiet, and make them a “team”. I will admit I am not a teacher, but I don’t think his qualities should ever be looked on as faults. I cracked up at his stratehy for clean up time. What a smart and innovative child!

  10. Lol…I have one of those too.

  11. I agree with JRM. Keeping him from playing games because he’s too smart is bullshit. Get him into a class where they will challenge him!

  12. Ha! That’s really funny, and I think he’s more along the lines of evil genious lol. His manipulation skills are mind blowing, I can’t even talk people into cleaning my stuff.

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