Shopping Sucks. The End.

I’m the kind of person that finishes her Christmas shopping before Halloween.
Which is why finding myself at Target this morning at 9am, with 7000 other shoppers made me want to kill myself. Right there in the holiday aisle. Dead.
As an added bonus, the Starbuck’s inside the Target was closed. Some crap about some broken machines or something. Yeah. Right. So now there are 7000 uncaffeinated, pissed off shoppers at 9am. Most with non-school aged children still in Pj’s. Mine included. Although Princess Peanut upped everyone by adding her pink monster slippers to the mix instead of regular shoes.
After braving the hell on earth that was a store this close to the holidays, I can only tell you that all you need is The nice people over there gave me a gift card to make my life easier and guess what? It worked. I got my Dad his gift in all of 20 minutes. Shopped, shipped, and done. Without setting foot in an evil, crowded store.
Normally I’m not a fan of Sears or Kmart, but this time of year, you just can’t go to Pottery Barn for everyone. And as it turns out, they have some really good deals. I like to pretend I can get everyone expensive electronics and all brand name everythings, but who are we kidding here?
If you are stuck for something, they’ve got it all in one place over at and you won’t have to fight for a cart or walk around aimlessly or spend too much money. OR carry your pink footed, cranky, PJ-wearing toddler while you push a cart through hundreds of other caffeine-needing mothers just trying to grab those few last stocking stuffers and rolls of paper.

I am on the couch nursing a migraine. I blame the shopping. Just do what you need to do online. Shopping sucks. The end.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I actually took the girls out to the mall today. Yes, the mall. I HATE malls and stay as far away from them as I can get year-round, but ever since my mother-in-law started buying Sweet Pea clothes from Naartjie (before she was born), I have had to go there every so often to get some more… because they are so stinkin’ adorable. Had to exchange some today because I bought some without Sweet Pea present a while back and god forbid, they were the wrong color. So today I had Miss Picky there with me to choose her own colors.

    ANYWAY I applaud your extreme organization. For me, I usually just make stuff or go to craft fairs (we know glassblowers, potters, people who make body products, you name it – almost don’t have to leave home!), although this year just about everyone is getting books or CDs. Shh, don’t tell!

  2. We also want to the one place that I LIKE to shop today – Cost Plus. That’s where I go for stocking stuffers. Yay, chocolate from around the world! A box of American microbrews for Dad! Tub toys! Ornaments for the tree! Of course our tree has been up and decorated for a couple weeks, but Sweet Pea chose ornaments for my parents that we’ll put into their stockings. Her idea. Very cute. I think they’ll be amused.

  3. I cheated this year and got everyone gift cards. That I bought online and had sent to my address….Cards included. All I have to do is drag my dolled up ass to the Christmas events…hand out the cards and drink myself silly. And I don’t have to drive anyone or myself home because we’re having the party in a hotel conference room and everyone has rooms to crash in. And babysitters to watch the rug rats. This is going to be the BEST Christmas ever. 🙂

    Sorry about Target. I can remember how icky that can be!

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