So what’s a California girl to do in rainy NYC with NO photo ID???

Go to a Knicks game, of course.

Yes, I’m in New York City for BlogHer Business and I’ve lost my driver’s license. Everyone has been very helpful, not at all bitchy and flippant like the many movies and shows about New York have lead me to believe.

Truth is, the Kaiser has to find all kinds of documentation in our Los Angeles home that then must be faxed to this hotel before I can board my flight back to the West Coast on Saturday. So I’m being really nice to the New Yorkers in the event I’m stuck here forever. Which would be fine. Because the food is really good and the original Macy’s in right down the block.

My mother thinks this is all just a ploy so I can get my stay away from real life extended. I would agree with her, if it weren’t for my son’s birthday. You see, I get home on Saturday…when he turns 4. I have to be there. I MUST be there. I can’t miss my child’s birthday.

Everyone start a Kaiser chant now please…FIND THAT STUFF. FIND THAT STUFF.


  1. I hope the Kaiser finds the stuff! And I’m glad to hear you’re having a good time! I’ve dreamed of vacation in the Big Apple but I haven’t made it there yet. Someday I hope!

    So, what kinds of awesome food are you trying? Fill me in! I want to live NYC through you. 🙂

  2. Good luck to Kaiser. Hopefully he’s better at finding stuff than my husband is. If I were in your situation, I would be working out some other way of getting home. There is no way he’d be able to find what I need.

    Have a good trip otherwise!

  3. Wow, what a bitch. I’m guessing you lost it somewhere along the way, then? Otherwise you couldn’t have gotten on the plane in CA. Hell, you’re in NY. You could probably find a guy to make you up a new one on any street corner.

  4. There are worse places to be stuch for a few days. Places without bages, for instance.

  5. (bagels)

  6. Oh that sucks!!!

    Mmmm. Bagels and a slice!!!

  7. You don’t sound too concerned. I’m sure you’ll get home in time for the party! Meanwhile, keep on having a no-guilt good time. :oD

  8. I’m sure he’ll come through, but if not, you can always buy yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes and hoof it…

  9. You do have your passport, right?? Okay, I am crossing my fingers that you’ll make it in time for the party!

  10. Happy Bday to the little one!!!

  11. Hey, were you at the BlogHer social event Wednesday night at Cain? Dude, I was there (briefly) mingling with the ladies and buying $8 Amstel Lights (which, for the record, is a rip-off even to New Yorkers). I wish I’d known you were in town!

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