The Rumors (or RUMOURS for those Canadians out there) Are True

It’s not enough that we blog together and cause chaos all over Second Life…So Karen aka TrollBaby is getting on a plane (she hates those) with a passport and leaving her country and coming to mine.

The itinerary is as follows: Get silly, drink, get sillier, drink, get girly, get silly, drink, drink, drink.
I’ve lined up the babysitters, booked the spa, gotten out the patio furniture for drinks by the pool, and even shaved my pits. All for Karen. She deserves it.

Let this post serve as a warning to everyone in the blogging world and the second life realm: Queen and Duchess are on the loose in Los Angeles, someone will end up getting a drunk IM, or phone call, or subjected to reading our incoherent blog posts.

Karen is still accepting Dares over on her blog for a great cause, if you like…I’ll throw myself in to help get the $$. So go ahead and dare both of us to do something. Together. (yes, we do have a surprise joint post planned-it will involve something we go to together…but that’s not a dare)

In the meantime, I have hockey tickets…for those who know me well enough you understand I may throw up from the sheer excitement of it all. I’ll be the one in red and white in a sea of Ducks. We’ll be behind Hasek to the left for the 1st and 3rd. Look for the crazy, screaming girl yelling things like “HIT HIM YOU IDIOT!” and “GET IT OUT OF THE ZONE!” and I have no doubt security will come warn me at some point for threatening Snoop Dog. I mean really…Ducks…ooooh, scary….(note the sarcasm). Believe it or not, after 32 years of being a Red Wings fan this is my first playoff game. MY FIRST. I know you guys don’t care so I will shut up now…but understand I MIGHT PEE MYSELF I’m so excited.

So in review, dare Karen and I to do stuff for a good cause, and Go Wings. OH…any bloggers or SL’ers from the greater Los Angeles area are invited to contact us to join in our romp.

Must go empty bladder now.


  1. We’re having a ROMP?


  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Karl and Egan’s heads just exploded.

  3. If there is room for me and the stapler in any of the proceedings, I am there!

  4. *sigh* I hate living in Illinois. LOL.

    Hope you guys have an AWESOME time!

  5. Yes, my head did just explode Karen. Oh by the way, you and I should chat about web stuff someday. I will send you an email. Go Wings!

  6. Did I say Karen? I meant to say “Queen of Spain”.

  7. Living in the midwest sucks….have a great time at the game. I don’t know much about hockey, so I won’t understand anything that you say, but have fun anyway.

  8. Party it up, and be sure to have a drink for me, since it’s possible I could be having a baby anytime.

    I’ll have to save up my partying for BlogHer this year!

  9. I’m jealous! And I can’t even make it go BlogHer this year, either. Boo. I think blogland should have more informal “romps”. But no one would want to come to Oklahoma…

  10. Nage thinks you are hot, and so do I. You guys have fun! I wish I could join in your little romp.

  11. Oh my gosh…I so wish I didn’t live so far away. You ladiez will have a blast!! We want photos! You could sell those for a good cause. 😉

    I’m thinking up a dare as I write…


  12. Fine. Romp without me. See if I care.

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