Crotch Torture-DENIED

Sigh. Sadly, Karen and I will not be going for her crotch torture extravaganza. As it turns out, we received inside information her crotch waxer was, shall we say, sub-par. We were advised to take her hairy cooter and RUN.

So we got pedicures instead.

Guess the blogger's toes


  1. It was my evil fur-spell that kept you from torturing Karen.

    Hope you are having fun. I am a snotty mess and it is a good thing I decided to hunker down. I am in no shape to do anything, much less try to keep up with you two.

    The flickr badge over there is amazing. So many boobies!

  2. Pretty toes, ladies!

  3. Um, EEK? Good thing you that information, I guess – ya wouldn’t want just anyone waxing your cooch!

    Your toes look faaaaaaaaaab. I tried to do a manicure on myself today while the baby was sleeping, but while playing Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Crazy Cuts with Sweet Pea. The left hand turned out fabulously well, but the right didn’t look so great. Then I had to use my hand for something and in less than 10 minutes after I thought all the polish was dry, I was missing all the polish of the right pinkie and the rest of the nails on that hand looked like crap. Yeesh. When you get it done professionally, do they let you stay there long enough for the polish to dry? I mean, *really* dry?

  4. So will there be a home waxing session instead? Be sure to bring the video cam.

  5. What’s wrong with just shaving? Or how ’bout a good ol’ epilady:)

    This post reminds me of the time that The Hamburger blogged about trying to use a men’s electric razor on his privates and the ensuing hilarity…errr…I mean calamity.

  6. Wimp.

  7. i get my brazilians from a woman named argentina. she’s a genius. i owe all my good sex to her 🙂

  8. Hmmm, hairy cooters and a woman named Argentina. Good stuff.

  9. LMAO. oh. Sorry. Laughing to hard to actually comment.

  10. Well, I can’t say that we here at CUSS are disappointed by this turn of events…

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