Party Girls

There are days when some things smack you in the face. Times when everything is so very clear, you have to blink.

My 2-year old daughter is a party girl. Like her mother before her, she can bring down the house with a saunter and a hair flip. I’ve spent the past two years hoping she will be more of a a “class clown” or “ham”-even calling her these things to try and solidify her character.

No luck. As I drank martini’s with Karen this weekend, it became very, very, very clear exactly the personality emerging in my little mini-me-and Karen nailed it when she said, laughing, “she’ll be doing keg-stands.”


Instead of being afraid that she is her mother’s daughter-I think I’m going to just embrace her free spirit. I’m going to show her how to be the fun, yet in control party girl. The one who can make everyone in the room turn their heads to see, and make them all feel comfortable and at ease with just her smile.

In the meantime, she’ll wear doll skirts on her head and prance around like she’s Queen of the World.

I can’t imagine where she gets it.


  1. I think it’s inevitable that little girls resemble the ways of their mamas. I’ve turned into mine and I detest it (most of the time).

    I’d rather be the party girl. Wait, I was. I grew up in a bar. My mom never partied it up. I suppose that now as a mother, I’ve become more calm and….I dunno. Motherly…

    We’ll have to change that at BlogHer.

    The Princess will be giving the peeps a run for their money when she’s in college!

  2. She sure is a pretty little girl, kegstand or not. I love the biting of the lower lip. So precious.

  3. Liberty is a lot like that. Kinda terrifies me ’cause I was not the party girl type (shocker, I know)

  4. That’s ok, Trevor likes to strip down to nothing and tie two or three shirts around his waist and pretend he is some kind of post apocolyptic Mad Max kind of guy.

  5. When Hunter was 2, he would run around in his diaper, a hat, a tie around his neck and his fathers shoes. I’m sure that i have a picture of it….what does that say about him??
    Madison loves to put scarves around her neck, and a purse over her shoulder with sunglasses on, and MY shoes. I guess that means that I am raising a star.

  6. My three year old son is so much like me (right down to his tantrums when people don’t do what he says) that it is scary.

    She’s beautiful though, and look how awesome you turned out. What a fun world it is with you in it.

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