Diamond Therapy

There is nothing like a first at bat…ever.


I guess I only hate most cheerleaders.

Sigh. She kills me.


  1. OmiGOD, those were cute! Did I see what I think I saw? Did the other team get an out on Waffles and then send him to the base?

    Yeah, that particular cheerleader pretty much has the heart-melty thing down, doesn’t she? Nothin’ like cheering on your big bro! Gheeeeeeeeee! :oD

  2. canoe chick says:

    oh.my.god. that cheerleader outfit is most definitely the cutest clothing i have ever seen. i must have one, I must!
    not for me, for my 3 year old!

  3. How absolutely adorable!

  4. Those kids of yours, rather adorable. Cheerleading is an important skill. Just ask my co-worker.

  5. Awwww… that was too cute!! I got warned by the ump a couple games ago. I’m proud to say I made it to his 3rd season before that happened! WTG Mom!! He’s the next Derek Jeter!!


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