BlogMe Baby- ’07

This is how I felt at BlogHer last year:

Ok, ok…who is that? Do I know her blog? Crap, she looks totally familiar. I should go say hi. Wait, maybe I don’t know her. Do I know her? Ok, I’m just going to go and read her name tag. Damn, I can’t see it. But she looks kinda like that one blogger, but maybe not…hmmm
-90% of the time I worked my way over to that blogger and eventually introduced myself. In an effort to make it easier for YOU to walk up to ME, once again we’re doing BLOGME.
So me in 10 seconds. WOW. Ok.My husband says, “Smart, Driven…” and then he made a nasty gesture that implied I did something else well.

My son says, “um…you cook me good food.”

My daughter says, “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

I say just come find me and DO NOT worry about approaching me. I’m telling you. DON’T. SO. NOT. WORTH. Anxiety.

Odds are I’ll have my head buried in my laptop checking on the SL conference or I’ll be drunk, and I’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to ignore me.

So here is what I look like, and these are from last year at BlogHer when I was um…NOT very sober, so this is a good representation on how to spot me…(Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah is on the left..odds are you’ll find me near her)

alright, so I stole this photo from sarah. come get me

That’s Kelly, aka Mocha Momma-you’ll find me near her too.

yes, another stolen sarah photo

You’ll also find me at the bar by Karen and Kaiser. YES ladies, Kaiser is going to be in Chicago. God help us all.


  1. Ha! I was going to post that same picture.

    Too bad we never took any pictures of…

    Well, nevermind. People are just going to have to come find us for THAT story.

  2. I know who I’m partying with! You girls look like fun.

  3. I look drunk. But I’m not. That was clear as day.

    Lord help me.

  4. Now I wish that I were going to Chicago. I am going to be there virtually though. See you in SL!!!

  5. Well shit….there go your chances at retaining your Ms. America pageant title now that you’ve posted this pictures on the internet.

  6. Honest to God. I’m not scared to go. I’m not so much nervous anymore, but fucking eh, the axiety attacks are already started. I think it’s just travel nerves.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  7. Man, looks like you had fun, lol. I can’t wait to go – not to nervous but that cause I have my sister going with me.

  8. Upstairs now! I’ve got a maelstrom for you! She stooped over to recognize her limo and whist from the floor.


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