The VSong

Its our new diaper change song. She made it up. All on her own. CLICK THIS.


  1. damn, she is just too cute for words. not that that’s stopping her from using some darn good ones there in that song. 😉

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! It’s got rhythm and everything!

  3. She’s got a future as a songwriter, I can tell!

  4. Oh no. It is STUCK IN MY HEAD.

    I just had to go get my 2 year old off her brother’s desk. (she was holding his scissors above his head, of course)

    And in my head as I walked across the living room. “I have vagina.”

    great. At least DH will be happy to know I still have one.

  5. love it. but what does it mean if my 4 year old is laughing his ass off about it, too?

  6. Ha, ha, haaaa!

    But yeah, I’m with Molly… I am humming it now! Catchy FO SHO!

    And, oy, ’cause BOTH my kids know all too well what it is the boy has in his pants and MAN is it the topic of waaaaay too many talks of genitalia in this household! Just wait!


  7. Great, now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

  8. I’m such a dink. I had to watch it like ten times and go back and read your post title again to realize what she was saying. DER. And now that I know – HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sweet Pea didn’t understand the word, though she knows that word and what it is, but now she’s singing “I’ve got nnnda” over, and over, and OVER… she’s still big into nonsense noises, ever since the baby was born…

  9. And yes, the baby is 14 months old and talking a lot now… but the 4-year-old keeps up the nonsense noises… does the Count (or did he ever) do that? It seems weird since she was so clear of speech before the baby was born.

  10. The kid could write jingles, because it seems everyone is now singing “I have a ‘gina” around here. She’s too cute!

  11. I love it! She is awesome!

  12. she has a ‘gina, and some good lap-drumming skills! too cute.

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