To Iraq With Love

“Dear Uncle C. Be careful and have a good time. Get all those guys that are bad. Helps your friends. I love you.” -Count Waffles the Terrible, age 4.


  1. Squeaks colored her pictures today and they’ll be in the mail tomorrow. We were at The Hubby’s Air Force base this weekend and they had a booth up for the kids to color cards to send over there too. I’ve always done things myself, but I guess I never realized that even the little kids can get involved too!

  2. Ricky scribbled today and I just addressed the letter I wrote. I said I was just a friend of your (because we actually met briefly at blogher)sister in law and many peaceful blessings.

    sent ya an email with a pic of the stuff Ricky did

    cheers and a brillent idea!

  3. Awwww. That is adorable!

  4. all the best to all the boys out there.

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