Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing…

My new project.

I hope you like it.


  1. Bless you! 😉

  2. sigh…they don’t have turkeys in Belgium…my boyfriend said next year we can stuff a chicken. A chicken!!! Europeans suck.


  3. I commented over there, but I wanted to share it here, too:

    Erin, Dani, this is the best! I always host Thanksgiving each year, and while I’m not bad at, I always have a holiday panic attack about the whole turkey thing. I loved the video and the step by step EASY instructions. I’m going to try this for this year’s feast! Maybe I’ll have to make a video to show y’all how it worked! 🙂

    Yay, BlogHer Recipes!! This rocks!

    I loved it!

  4. you’re awesome and i love it. 🙂 great job!

  5. Wow. I am proud of you for being all Martha Stewart and stuff. I watched the whole thing, even though YOU KNOW I am a big old veg.

  6. Alas, veggie head here and not big on the “gobble gobble” tradition though this may be of interest to Loverboy who is a lover of turkey in his belly… ay!


    Hoping all is well with you oh friend of mine who has left me shocked and worried at all the turmoil and crazy news though I am glad to know you guys made it outta the toxicity and that your baby is doing better… do I get to plug SF now and get you to move on up here? Hmmm? Bohemian minds would like to know!


  7. Fart blossoms; I really wish the sound were working on my computer. But you LOOK faaaaaaabulous, dahling. Can’t wait to be able to actually hear the video!

  8. That one looks good, but you have to check this one out. Go to Southern Living’s website and search Hickory Smoked Bourbon Turkey. It’s my favorite! I’ve got a turkey breast almost done with the brining part and it’s going on the smoker just as soon as my spare ribs are done in 2 more hours.

  9. DANG! Look at you – all cute and fresh after so many sleepless, barfy nights. I’m sooooo impressed!

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