And We Went Wee Wee WEE…

…all the way home.

We’re back in hazy Southern California where my minivan is blasting ash out of it’s air conditioning.

The town seems back to normal, but you can tell something just isn’t right. The kids are home and happy, but an occasional cough from my son tells me the air is still unclean.

I know I tend to take extreme measures to solve a problem sometimes, but this entire episode really has me wondering if living in this place isn’t shortening all of our life spans. I’m having trouble, as a mother, saying “well, the job is here” in the same breath as “he coughs until he vomits and begins to wheeze.”

I don’t have a solution, other than to lobby Hollywood to move its special fx and digital animation to say…Cheyenne, Wyoming, where I hear the air is perfect.

Or to become the breadwinner.

Who wants to hire me?


  1. Oh that’s funny. I’m in Cheyenne, and yes, the air is perfect. We would love to have you! There aren’t many special fx jobs here, if any.
    But it is a great place to raise kids, and we are close enough to Denver to do the ‘big city’ stuff once in awhile.

    So, Queen, if you are ever interested in checking out the other ‘windy city’ let me know!

  2. You know ILM is here in SF right? We have a few spare the air days every year but that is more for the inland burbs – if you stay in SF or along the marin coast you will be breathing easy.

  3. You know, coughing until he vomits makes me physically hurt to think about. I’ve seen that. I know it sucks.

    I’m extreme too though. I’d be doing the EXACT same thing – asking these hard questions with even harder answers to come by.

    Special fx are really that bad?
    Shows how naive I am about that industry.

  4. I wish the air wasn’t so lethal for the Count. It’s just awful that he has to suffer through all of that.

  5. I vote for Orlando, so Scamp will have his playmates back. I’m just sayin’.

    Miss you guys. Did The Kaiser like the sauce?


  6. I have been to Cheyenne and it is fuck-all cold there. You would freeze solid after life in socal!

  7. Doesn’t a lot of movie shite happen in Vancouver? Canada! Free health care! Nice peeps. Hockey!

  8. Somebody already mentioned ILM. Pixar is up here as well.. . .

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