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As many of you know I’m’s Evangelist and Blogging Consultant. That means I’m working for a start-up and learning about all sorts of fun things like…um…start-ups. Now, we’re in Beta, invite only. That means you need to be invited to test our beta. (I’m not explaining this because I think you’re dumb, I’m explaining because before I started doing all this, someone had to explain it to me.)

So while I love me some social media, I was unwise in the ways of the start-up, unless you count BlogHer...but you get what I mean. Sure I am in Second Life and jump around the web, but I never really grabbed onto and found myself cheering for a start-up like I do Photrade….but you guys know that….and I just said “cheering” but it’s 2am and I take no responsibility for myself right now…

Right around the time I started really getting to know and love the ways of a web start up, I began to Twitter. Of course I was on FaceBook until they sucked, brought the tit brigade to Myspace and tend to dabble on blogs all over the damn place.

Enter my two new toys- Utterz and Seesmic. Now, some of you have heard (or is it ‘herd’) me Utter over on Twitter. Basically you can phone in a tweet. Or a blog post. Or just an Utter that can post at Utterz. I love it. I can tweet and post while no where near my computer. I also got to meet Sim from Utterz at Blog World Expo in Vegas and we bonded over cow tits and lemondrops (I’m not kidding) and I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

I’m new to Seesmic and am still confused, but blaming it on my noobieness. The idea is to auto-video post (I think) to twitter or wherever and to have a “conversation” with those people you are seesmic-ing with…I think. Either way…all of this came in handy today while I made about 14 dozen cookies for many of you….

I Twittered how I was making cookies…who wants some? I got my invite to Seesmic (they are an “alpha” site-don’t ask me what the hell that means other than it comes before my Photrade baby’s Beta) and then I did some Seesmic’s on the cookie ( or ‘twookies’ as I dubbed them) progress.

I used Photrade to document the fun.

I Uttered for good measure.

…and TADA!…a blog post on my twookie mania in multi-media goodness. Or badness if you were hoping for porn.

So why the hell did I just tell you all of that? Either I just want you to drink the Kool-Aid with me, or I just wanted to lament on how much I must love you all to bake so much.* I’m still learning about Utterz and Seesmic, but I can answer your Photrade questions…don’t be afraid.


  1. I had to get off Twitter. It took a month for them to figure out how to delete my account. That makes me want to stay off forever.

    BUT… the reason I wanted to get off is guilt. I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t respond to all the responses to my responses of their responses when we were all responding.


  2. Are those kolachkys you made???? I am craving them so badly and have not had a chance to make any yet.

  3. I wish I had one single clue what the hell you are talking about.

  4. I am so proud of your Web 2.o Soc.Media bad self I could burst. When I get my cookies, I probably will.

    Now I have avoiding Utterz and Seemic because way too much of this seems like time sink instead useful… but after seeing this post, I’m getting ideas!! Always dangerous. Thanks.

  5. If not for you I’d never have known what Utterz and Seesmic were. This is the first I’ve heard of them. And I swear I can smell the goodies from your oven as I’m typing this. 🙂

  6. Queen, You are keep up just fine it seems to me. You are one of my more interesting contacts on Twitter and you are getting your game on on Utterz. Good to see you all around.

    I’m going to do more in SL upcoming. It couldn’t have anything to do with my Twitter/utterz/Photrade contacts. Ahem!

  7. I’m with Suebob on this


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