Tomorrow my friend WhyMommy will undergoing surgery.

Tomorrow I’m going to remember that a bald avatar in SL, wearing a Queenly tiara, means a Mom with cancer can still attend BlogHer and have some fun. It means I made a new friend who will be on my mind as the day passes into night.

Tomorrow I’m going to send all my thoughts and love to WhyMommy and her family.

We’re all here and we all love you and we know you‘re going to kick  kicked cancer’s ass.

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  1. She’s been in my prayers for months. She’s the one who urged me to have a breast exam before 30 (even though most doctors don’t even recommend it). I’m so thankful to her. My thoughts are with her.

  2. I can’t wait to congratulate her!!!!!

  3. adding an extra kick…

  4. I will be thinking of her.

  5. Thank you! You were so kind to me in SL, helping me get set up and all … it was amazing. Hope to meet you THIS YEAR at the RL BlogHer!

    Thanks for your kindness, then and now.

  6. Good Luck WhyMommy! You’re going to kick cancer’s ass!

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