If you are still on the fence about Social Media…

It’s about friendship, communities, support. It’s about connecting on a global scale, fundraising, and coming together with the ideas that launch companies.

And sometimes, it’s simply about making a very special friend for your 4-year old.

A very big THANK YOU to Christine and her awesome brother Nick.


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing, brings back some fantastic memories.

  2. Wow… if I was ever unsure about whether or not I wanted children…

    So cute. Love Jack’s eyes at the beginning of the clip. Also love your daughter’s attempt at stealing the show. “Um, excuse me… I seem to notice that I am not the center of attention.” Adorable.

  3. that’s just so cool!! 🙂

  4. Too cute. Dreams do come true!

  5. That is very cool. Jackson is just adorable. His excitement is so endearing!

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