Explaining Voting To PreSchoolers

And once you are finished deciding between Red or Blue, or Pink or Purple…come watch my interview with California Congresswoman Maxine Waters at BlogHer.com.By the way, I have pneumonia, and now that Super Tuesday is over I shall go to bed until November. Don’t look at me like that, it was SUPER DUPER TUESDAY in the most historic election in my lifetime, and I did most of my work from laptop at home in my pj’s.

Going to bed now. For real. Might leave election coverage on tv…but closing eyes….I swear…


  1. Super Duper Fat Tuesday is over and it looks like an exciting race for the Democrats is in order. I would choose purple.

  2. Hala is going to register for the Princess Party.

    But doesn’t explaining everything go like this? I just saw my own life, but with less sibling in fighting.

  3. Purple voted AGAINST tax cuts. Do we really want a color like that leading our nation?

    This made me laugh, and I needed it.

  4. Oh, hope you get well soon and get some rest time.

  5. Voting? Seems more like you’ve got anarchy there;)

    Hope you feel better. Here’s an old family rememdy. Get some whiskey, honey, tea, and lemon. Pour whiskey into a glass. Drink it.

    Put the honey, tea, and lemon back up….you don’t need to be diluting perfectly good whiskey with that stuff;)

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