My VERY Important BlogHer Poll


  1. I cannot see the poll, but I vote sticker 🙂

  2. This is no contest for me. Seriously. #suckit, #suckit, #suckit!

  3. Really? People are voting for the sticker?

    I am shocked.

  4. 100% #suckit!!!! Somehow laptop stickers just don’t say ‘Queen of Spain’ to me. It’s all about the branding baby! Oh and by the way… I CAN see the poll. hehe

  5. The sticker would go to Faith – and who knows where it would end up!!!!

    SUCK IT!!

  6. and you should take pics of me too! Hand em out to the peeps. So an Aussie Chick can join in the mayhem.

    Check out my sidebar babe, I would love for you to take me too 🙂

  7. personally i’m wanting a tee with #suckit written across my boobs. yeah, that pretty much sums it up. i smell a cafepress shirt…

  8. It’s gotta be the #suckit lollipops. Or Lynette’s suggestion of a tee with #suckit written across the boobs. I’d totally wear that, especially cause the rack is looking pretty good right now.

  9. #suckit!!!!!

  10. If #suckit pops do not win, I’m taking it to the floor of the conference. Hmph.

  11. Well pfui… when you said #suckit stickers – I was ALL about that…
    But honestly? For BlogHer – #suckit lollipops are a MUST in my book.

    Keep the stickers for SXSW for next year.

  12. Richelle says:

    I think that you should use lollipops
    OR how about a sticker with a pic of a lollipop that says #suckit if you want ’em to (ahem) stick around for longer.

  13. None of the above? 😉

  14. THE LOLLIPOP!!! OMG!!! that is the most awesome-est thing ever.

  15. Lollipop. And send mine out now, since I’m not going. Hubby wants one too. Gracias.


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    My VERY Important BlogHer Poll

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