Who Wants One?

Tell me your laptop isn’t just screaming for one of these babies

#suckit the laptop sticker


  1. me! me! me!

  2. Me! Put it on my planner when I start school and see how quickly I get called into the office. 😀

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    I’m corrupting YOUTH! lol Zach. Put it on the INSIDE. Geez.

  4. I do, I do!

  5. Nice! I doubt my company would appreciate my adorning my work-issued laptop with it, but it’ll look great on my amp rack.

  6. Me please!!!!

  7. That is the most beautifully inappropriate thing I have seen all day!

  8. Brilliant. LOL

  9. Oh I SO want one… don’t make me beg, cuz you know I will…

  10. heheh, AWESOME. It will be my very first laptop sticker. You’ll be deflowering my Dell.

  11. Me, please!!! Can you hand deliver it to me here in Florida?

  12. @QueenofSpain Aww… What’s the fun in that? 😉

  13. Yeah, I’m definitely going to be needing one of those. 🙂

  14. Me! Please! What do we do to get them? (Besides begging, I mean) 🙂

  15. I do! I do! I do!

  16. can you hear it all the way from there?

  17. I’m in love. What do we do?

  18. I’m in. You’ll be taking my laptop sticker virginity, though.

  19. Um, that is awesomesauce

  20. sweet jesus on toast do i love you, woman.

  21. hilarious! (and totally how I feel right now!)

  22. Ooooh…….I NEED ONE. And Doug is over here laughing his ass off at the fact that I’m considering putting one on Lola (my laptop). Then he realized it was YOU that created these and told me, “yeah…it’s cool.”

  23. am I too late? Rock on suckit!

  24. Awesomeness. Want!

  25. i’d love one 🙂

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