My Thoughts From St. Paul

Stuffed elephants are cute.

Zero delegates should be allowed to dance. That should have been a rule in Denver too.

Sarah Palin’s lack of experience isn’t Sarah Palin’s fault…it’s the media’s.

A Biden – Palin debate just might end in a brawl.

The crowd isn’t nearly as diverse as it was in Denver.

The GOP needs to lose that green screen on stage. It’s make me nuts.

A Raisin McCain -Yes We Can Dance Off Just might be the only way to end this thing.

*I’ll be on CNN tomorrow at 8:30am Central with Soledad O’Brien, live from St. Paul. I enjoyed my chat with CNN this morning at 9am and again at 3pm. It’s been fun….


  1. i am so SOOO very proud of you.
    i hope you are enjoying every single moment. even the ones where you have to listen to people say really stupid things.

  2. You rock! And you look good doing it too!!

  3. The chick from the Real World? Really? I’ve clearly not been paying attention, but this has got to be a sign of the apocalypse.

    You, on the other hand, are fabulous. I cannot wait to see how far you take this 🙂

    Good luck in 7 minutes!

  4. That’s was great! Well done.

    Too bad she didn’t ask Rachel what’s up with Puck these days…

  5. SathingtonWilloby says:

    When did young women of this country have a lobotomy and decide that pro-life is a good thing for them? It’s about CHOICE! I feel like I’ve gotten dumber, and been sent back in time, by listening to this Rachel Real World speak. It pains me so, and I’m a male, can’t image how hard it is to watch such stupidity in action if you’re a female.

    QOS, you are awesome!

  6. AngieNextDoor says:

    We need more voices of women like you to raise the consciousness of the “Rachel from real world” types 🙂

    “The young and pretty ones were the worst kind…the most bigoted adherents to the Party, the slogan swallowers, the nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”
    -A puzzling thought by Winston Smith, George Orwell’s “1984”

  7. Quite professional, you did great! I know the Italian side of me would have come out and I totally would have been arguing with “Real World Rachel”, that must have been so painful to sit through whenever she opened her mouth about Palin.

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