Important Polling For Our Troubled Times

Apparently my post below is offending some Republicans. Which, normally would make me clap my hands in glee, however today that glee is tempered with concern. You see GeekMommy is offended. So is Becca, and even teenager Zach says I’ve lost cool points.

So in the interest in living up to my goal of being better, I’m offering my readers a chance to weigh in on the tag I’ve been using for months now called ‘Republicans are Stupid.’

Now, I would think anyone who knows and talks to me as we discuss politics wouldn’t take it seriously, but apparently what I think and what you think may not be the same.

I find it funny, in that eye-roll, snarky kinda way. The same way you think it’s funny to call me a latte drinking, prius driving, NPR listening elitist.

But far be it from me to actually make people cry* so I think it’s only fair I put it up to a vote.

Please take the poll below an weigh in on the matter.

*I still want to make John McCain and Sarah Palin cry, and I find them stupid, no matter what the poll says-however I certainly don’t think my friends are stupid…well, most of them anyway. Some of you use macs. (oh, come on….laugh, a little)


  1. First off, I didn’t realize that you’ve been using it for months. So… Fair game on that one.

    I, personally, am not offended as I don’t really associate with either party, but I just see it kinda concerning. But that’s why we have this amazing thing called the First Amendment. To say whatever you want, how you want. Ultimately, it’s your decision on what you make. I think changing it to something else would be nice, but it’s still your blog and your choice.

    Either way, you may have lost cool points, but you can still gain them back. Not necessarily with this move, but the stickers are in the right direction. πŸ˜‰

  2. Erin,

    I love your blog, and it is, after all, your blog. However, since you asked, the “Republicans Are Stupid” tag, as currently viewed, can be rather alienating. Even to those of us who aren’t. There are a lot of us who aren’t Democrats who agree with a lot of what you say. To put everyone who doesn’t strictly follow your preferred political persuasion into such sweeping, black and white terms is something I would see on another blog where the politics would be considered, erm, less progressive?

    Just a consideration.


  3. I don’t know, I dig a little snark. It’s a tag, not like you’re putting it in huge letters across the top of the post. It’s your blog, it’s your choice in tags. I say snark on!

  4. Republicans are stupid.

    Orange County, CA Democrat

  5. I called my kids “Dicks” today on my blog. And they are way smarter than the Republican candidates and Guiliani all rolled in one.

  6. I’ve noticed the tag before. Even though it’s probably meant to be funny, the sweeping statement and condescension it contains causes me to not take you as seriously as you’d like to be taken. I have a hard time listening to even a good argument once someone’s insulted me.

  7. It sounds like something Sean Hannity was say re: democrats. Therefore, I don’t think it advances your otherwise excellent work.

  8. Well, since you asked…it has caught my eye and annoyed me. But, then my mother said only stupid people say stupid. I decided you were not my long lost sister so didn’t have the benefit of her oft repeated phrased. (Corollary: Only boring people say they are bored.)

    I would ditch it if I were you and it was my blog. It causes the same gut reaction as such a statement about Democrats would give you. You deride snark and zings from Republicans, but you are ok dishing it.

  9. 1. Your tags are awesome.

    2. Your friend should run for President.

  10. I LOVE the community organizer video. I also love snark. And although I am not quite brave enough to let teh snark fly so freely (outside of twitter) I appreciate your blog the more for it. (You are the “suck it” lady, no? I think we can handle it.) Resist the vanilla.

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    Well I’m wondering if maybe it was a tag left from a part of me that has since past?

  12. I think, hmmm do you want to know what I think as me or as your best friend and political advisor?

    Let me know which version you want – or if you want both versions.

  13. I am torn. You see, I know that you are being snarky. I know that there is a little thing called freedom of speech. I know that you have a right to your opinion. I also know that it can be divisive. See, you are walking a fine line here. People could argue the whole “community organizer” thing that Palin and Guiliani pulled was just being snarky too. That they were trying to make a point that Obama didn’t have experience by alienating a group of very important people. Community organizers who serve and help shape this country. While I know that it isn’t quite the same thing, (because you are attacking the very core of many people’s being by attacking the “community organizer”) many people do believe steadfastly in the Republican platform. So, again while it isn’t as I see it as nearly the same thing, it can be taken by some as fairly close. And that, in and of itself, gives you less credibility in an argument that demands the other side that they rise above the low belt attacks. So…. I guess what I am saying….. don’t make yourself vulnerable in an argument. Stay above the fray. I suggest taking it down.

  14. Completely not offended. I can think of one other blog I’ve read enough to be considered a part-time lurker that uses “stupid liberals” (or something close to that), and I’m not really offended by that either. Honestly, neither party has a monopoly on stupid.

  15. Gosh, and all this time I’ve been thinking that those Republicans don’t have a sense of humor! Oh wait.

  16. How about changing it to “Politic are Stupid” that way you can be an equal opportunity slammer? but seriously, in my opinion use whatever “tags” you wish to use but remember that words mean things and there may come a day when you might regret things said in a snarky or offhanded way (remember our twitter conversation). Loved you on CNN, I thought you made some good points.

  17. 1. You rule.
    2. Don’t you DARE take it down.
    3. Don’t even ponder getting rid of the suck it stickers.

    As a person who also uses IRONY and SNARK to get a point across, I FIND IT OFFENSIVE THAT PEOPLE CAN’T LIGHTEN UP AND GET THE JOKE. summarize:
    You want to make GOP cry like sissies.
    You put a snarky comment on YOUR blog.
    People are offended.
    I am offended that they are offended.

    You are going to offend someone no matter what you do. Be you. You are wonderful, Destiny.

  18. PS
    TOTALLY AGREE with @Jenyum/Tacomamama to resist the vanilla. I also agree with @Kathy that there are stupid people on both sides of the aisle.

  19. You know how much I adore you and your posts and agree with 99% of your views. But yeah, it is offensive. One of my biggest pet peeves is generalization. Just because someone belives differently doesn’t make them stupid or even wrong, it just makes them different. Where would the democratic process be if we all believed the same thing?

  20. Erin, I have to side with the faux censors here, unfortunately.
    I have followed you long enough now to be β€œin” on the joke and it has no effect on me personally. But as partisan as I am in my views, I know that I can’t wait to jump on others I stumble upon for one perceived snide comment. (You have to know/read your ideological enemy to speak intelligently about why they’re wrong, after all.)

    You raising this issue makes me rethink my own prejudices against others based on what might have been an inside joke on their end. I no longer consider them worthy of my attention when they may in fact raise valid points most of the time. I read one unqualified comment – similar to your blanket statement – that sends me off the deep end, and I dismiss them straight away. A personal fault common in the age of the information flood.

    I’m clearly on your side of the aisle and you raise wonderfully nuanced points. If you want across-the-board respect and consideration, a statement like that is more often than not misinterpreted by those who don’t already take you seriously.

    On that note, I’d be honored to serve as a diplomat in your administration.

  21. I’ve noticed the tag when you’ve used it and inwardly I cringe everytime I see it. Personally I think labeling & name calling in general is devisive which for the most part you seem to be against.

    I’ve been reading you for awhile, actually I MAKE myself read this blog because your posts do make me think. Because I have read this blog for several months I “think” you mean it in a snarky kinda ‘I’m gonna take my toys & go home cause you’re dumb’ kinda way, which I get. I feel that way about Democrats a lot of the time too.

    I know that I am naive about this whole blogging politics and even politics in general thing which is another reason why I read this blog. I know that you aren’t. Politically I disagree with you about 95% of the time. But I think you are a good person who cares about your family and our country and the people that live here.

    I also know that I need to get a thicker skin. Part of what makes this country so great is our right to disagree with each other and with our government. The dialogue that we have with each other can make us a better country and make our government more representative of everyone that lives here, but only if we stop devaluing each other.

  22. Queen:

    I think you should rock the truth which is, as you know, Republicans are stupid. I feel like a big human being just for capitalizing the party name. I have friends who are Republicans, I have worked in government for and with Republicans and I even love some of them, stupid as they are.

  23. Okay, I’ve been kneedeep in other stuff since my first comment on all of this.

    But you asked, so I’ll weigh in.

    Yeah, I find it offensive. Just like I’d find it offensive if someone tagged their posts with “Democrats are Stupid” or “Christians are Stupid” or “Athiests are Stupid” or “Women are Stupid”… especially when the “stupid” class includes me.

    But the reason it bugs me more than anything else can be found right here in this comment thread. You see, I *know* that you are probably being snarky, because I can hear your voice saying it. But clearly? Not everyone can. I don’t know who Robyn is… but if her comment was supposed to be snarky rather than serious? I can’t hear it. Because I don’t know her.

    You have shown yourself to be a seriously smart, hugely passionate, very informed person this year when it comes to politics. So people coming here are going to give a lot of weight to what you say… and not all of them will see that as tongue-in-cheek.

    I’ve been absolutely livid this week because of all of the nasty, snide comments from folks at the RNC implying that somehow Obama was “stupid” or “unqualified” simply because they were trying to discredit him because they don’t agree with him.
    Senator Obama is a smart man. Senator McCain is a smart man. They simply don’t agree on who should be President or how he should achieve the change this country needs.

    How I wish we could move forward to politics as ideas and ideals rather than contests of “who can dis the other side better.”
    I guess I’m just too much of a dreamer. πŸ™

    But I do owe you an apology. I should’ve addressed it privately. This is a good discussion, but my bringing up my reaction to your tag publicly was a knee-jerk reaction that I hope I outgrow soon. I’m sorry.

  24. I am such a lurker, and geographically so far out of the loop, that I hardly feel qualified to give an opinion. But since you asked…

    I am a big fan of the snark – that’s one of the things I really love about your posts – but I reckon it depends on who you want your audience to be. If it’s just us stark raving liberals letting off steam and getting our own back on the republican smear machine, then snark away. If you’re hoping to collect a few readers from across the aisle and perhaps open a few eyes to the right’s injustice, excess and downright LIES, then maybe something less scary?

    But you know, either way you’re cemented onto my google reader πŸ™‚

  25. I voted other because I think Republicans are either stupid or selfish. I choose to go with stupid.

    Louis Black sums it up nicely with a joke that goes something like,”Republicans hate Democrats because they think that Democrats think they are stupid. Democrats hate Republicans because they are stupid.”

  26. How about the GOP is stupid… Less personal. It’s the party not the individuals right? Life without snark is a life without sunshine!

  27. My two cents…

    I totally get where you are coming from and I know it is snark.

    Sometimes I think frustration makes us do/say things that are not true barmometers of the person we really are.

    As a life-long Democrat i do find it offensive. And yes, I do cringe a bit when I see the tag. All my brothers and sisters are Repubs. I love them to death. And while I don’t agree with their political beliefs, I would never call them stupid…even in jest.

    I adore your writing, Erin. Please don’t change a thing based on what I say or based on what others say. If you feel like changing anything, change it because you’ve had a change of heart.

    Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

  28. oops…barometers..not barmometers.

    That’s what happens when I read Momocrats before I read your blog πŸ™‚

  29. Queen of Spain says:

    The poll and people have spoken. The tag will be retired.

    We’ll come up with something snarky, but less offensive, to replace it.

  30. I don’t suppose “Republicans are misguided” would have the same effect? Okay, perhaps “Republicans are stupid” might be a just a little juvenile. Why not follow the lead of my favorite liberal blogger who calls them “stinky poop heads”. He’s so mature.

  31. How about “Can’t Lead Republicans to Water” πŸ˜‰

  32. It’s your blog. Write and tag as you like. Naturally people will object when you speak the truth.

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