When Your Barracuda Snark Bites You In the Butt

Meet my friend Nerdette.

Oh, and Governor Palin…Heart called. They want their song back.

And step away from the Detroit Red Wings sweater.

I mean it.

Or I’ll have to bust out my math on just how much money it takes to be a hockey mom. What with ice time and equipment and all. I’ll have to talk about how it’s the most expensive sport for a kid to play and how most American families couldn’t possibly afford to let their children be rink rats. You know, it’s kind of elitist, really. (thanks to my hockey playing dad for reminding me)


  1. It was a great post…
    Until I got to the tag “Republicans are stupid” – and then I kinda thought about my friend Erin and was sort of surprised that she’d make a sweeping, insulting statement like that.

    Because I’ve been a Republican for 24 yrs now… and if you can honestly look me in the eye and say you think I’m stupid? I’d be surprised. Because you damn well know I’m not.

    Individual people are stupid – as are sweeping generalizations.

  2. I think Palin’s slag on “community organizers” was really a dog whistle way for her to say “n****r” to the fundies. Since we haven’t quite gotten to the point where she can just come right out and say it. I guess that’ll have to wait until 2012. I say this because the greater Roseland area where Obama did his community organization work is overwhelmingly African-American. It was her “cute” little way of saying “And don’t forget America, Obama’s a n****r!”

  3. I want to marry your friend Nerdette. Just sayin.

  4. you can tell a lot about a person by the people they call “friend”. you get extra points for nerdette.

  5. Nerdette rocks!

  6. I really didn’t like the line in her speech that put down community organizers in an attempt to take a swipe at Sen Obama. But I also haven’t liked the swipes that have been taken at mayors of small towns like they do not do anything.

  7. Oh goodness. I’ve had a very busy few days and didn’t know about the Red Wings sweater. That gives me chills it’s so wrong. It was bad enough when I saw a photo of her standing in front of a Vernor’s sign. I can’t take much more of her defiling the symbols of my Detroit area youth.

    Nerdette’s post was fantastic. And I think JC is correct in his comment. I think we’ll be hearing a lot of that sort of jargon, with a wink and nod.

  8. Um, I think I have a little girl-crush on Nerdette. Is that okay?

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