Emails, I get a few

My inbox overflow-eth.

As I type this, there are 1760 unread emails in my inbox. I’m not kidding. I thought I would share a few with you, my favorite readers.

Why? A few reasons really.
#1 some are damn funny
#2 some are damn disturbing
#3 some of you need to understand why I can’t respond quickly, or at all.
It’s not that I don’t love ya’, it’s just that I can’t possibly reply to every email, direct message, instant message, facebook message, or request for my soul.

So without me going on and on about it….enjoy:

Hi Erin,

My name is xxxxxxx. I am a regular reader of your blog – I think it’s great! I know you have been, and continue to be, a strong supporter of Obama and I recently saw your interview with him which I thought was awesome! I was hoping you might be able to help me.

I work with a company, they are actually a credit card alternative payment option. They are very much interested in offering their option to the Obama campaign to be another way people can make campaign donations since currently the only options to donate online are credit cards. They want to help out and give more people the opportunity to contribute. We have been trying to find the right person who we might be able to discuss this with or someone who might handle the campaign website or the donations but we have had no luck so far.

I thought I would check to see if you might have any suggestions for us or perhaps any contacts that you would be willing to pass along. I appreciate any feedback you might have to offer!

Ok, here’s the thing. I have media access just like any other blogger or media person. I can not pitch the campaign your company, your ideas, or your fill-in-the-blank. I get at least 5 of these a day. Family members and undecided voters who need INFO…well hell, THAT I can do…but I’m not your business contact ‘in’ at either campaign.

Moving on. This one came with the subject title “Hello i love how u breastfeed your daugther”

I like your big milky tits.I would like to ask u if u would like to be interested into adult nursing.
I would like to drink your big supply milk
please type me a message.

Wow. Classy. and also EWWWWW.

Then there are these:

Niggerlovingbitch how can u be fer fucking osama you nothing but a white trashie cunt

Fun times. How about something more lighthearted?


I was just reading your post SIPPYCUPS AND DIAPERS and I think you would really like our new xxxxxxx. We would love you to blog about xxxxx and if you don’t like it, you can just send it back and not blog at all. How about I send you some xxxxx for you and your family to try?

Sincerely, xxxxCEO

I’ve never once written a post with that title. Ahhhh, idiots.

Now I have to be honest, some of you will say ‘but Erin, you’re emails can’t be all bad’ and for the most part they are not. They are work related, family related, penis enlargement spam…the usual. And yes, every so often I get words of encouragement and even, time to time, praise. However picking these emails out of my inbox were not hard…at all. They come daily and they come often. Along with legitimate requests and campaign press releases and notes from my Aunt asking for the latest kid photos.

I am just asking for your patience in my inbox and in my messaging.


  1. My favorite is when someone sends me an email and then immediately hits me on IM asking if I got their email. Fuckers.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Yeah, or when people get mad at me because I don’t respond in 3 seconds to their IM and then I get 40 more IMS that say ‘Where are you?’ or “I saw you sent a twitter 3 minutes ago, I know you are online”

  3. What the heck are you doing in my inbox lady? Sounds like a day in my life… except instead of the milk email you received, I got one about spanking.. Yeah, good times when I open my email…

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    and that email really said ‘Dear BLOG OWNER NAME” ahhhh funny

  5. Mental note for style changes here…

    Change link hover colors on title links
    Change alternating color background on comments

  6. If they are mad that you are a “Niggerlovingbitch” then why is it a problem that you are white? These people have no logical consistency whatsoever.

  7. Richard Walker says:

    OMG Erin, you need an intern… I promise to never email you 🙂

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    You CAN email, just don’t expect me to be prompt in replying. lol

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