Witch Hunt! Witch Hunt!

Ok, that does it.

Now I’m really pissed.

According to Congresswoman Michele Backmann, I’m anti-American and so is half of Congress.

Dear Congresswoman McCarthy, I mean Backmann,

Just because we don’t think like you doesn’t make me ANTI-American. I mean, isn’t your current VP candidate the one running around saying there are only a few places in America that are PRO-American. That sounds pretty damn Anti-American to me.

You and your GOP cohorts are really starting to push this ‘otherness’ crap too far and I think you may all need to measured for white hoods soon.

This is MY America too, and you’re lucky in MY America you’ll still have a seat at the table and a voice come Nov. 5th.

Even if it’s evil and stupid.


Geez, and I was doing so good today being all friendly and love thy neighbor. You totally ruined it.


Erin Kotecki Vest


  1. This is almost too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Almost, because the mere fact that it’s on TV means some people will believe it, and that is very serious. But how can anyone who serves on Congress, let alone someone who is running for President, be ANTI-American? Why would you dedicate your life to serving a country you hate? It doesn’t make sense.

  2. Oh my. I’d like to say this kind of crap will be over in 18 days but am way old enough to know better. When Obama is elected, we’re in for at least four more years of this horse-hooey. One of the big lessons I’ve learned from this presidential election (my 8th) is that women are not above this kind of scummy behavior. Dirty politics (not to mention insanity) are gender neutral!

  3. That woman is wacked.

    Who does she remind me of? One of those wacko women who I never listen to either…
    Leftist & Liberal = Anti-American??
    Not in MY America either.

    The weird part is that I want to tell her “Um, hon? People who are ‘anti-American’ don’t go into public service as Senators & Congresscritters” and then I remember, that in her delusional state, anyone who doesn’t go to her church, condemn those who disagree with her and support her blindly are probably all ‘Anti-American’ and I sigh and remember that you can’t out-argue stupidity.

    See? This is why I want multiple parties.

  4. I can’t even think of anything to say other than that my brain now hurts, like a lot. Ridiculous political scare tactics. How do people like this get elected to Congress.
    I’ve seen your work- can’t you get a little one on one time to grill that looney as to the validity of her assinine claims?

  5. This is the tactic that the conservative Right has always used. If you didn’t vote for W in the last election you weren’t a patriot and didn’t support our troops. It’s pathetic, but this is the kind of language that sways people who are easily bullied and easily led. Right now it’s important that we all stand up to it and say NO. The Republican Right is not the Party that loves America. We all love America. We are all Americans and we all deserve BETTER than this dialogue suggests. This “if you’re not for us, you’re against us” is divisive and dangerous.

  6. Please please please don’t paint me with the Michelle Bachman brush just because I live in Minnesota! We’re really not all looney and those of us that aren’t are working really hard to move back to the proud progressive roots that this state had been known for… up until this one and the Pawlenty atrocity. Think Humphrey and Mondale and Wellstone and not Bachman and Coleman.

    Oy. she makes my head hurt.

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Dude. She’s nuts. Srsly

  8. Calling people anti-American is anti-American in of itself

  9. I’m sure you knew this long before I did, but I just read today that since these comments were made, her opponent has received nearly a half-million dollars in contributions, from all over the country!

    Republicans: The Democrats’ most effective fund-raisers.

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    Actually I had just heard that Belinda. And was relieved, actually.

  11. Cathy in Miami F-L-A says:

    Aaah, She’s just jealous Mccain picked Palin instead of her.

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