Why Yes, I Am Wearing My PJ’s…right now in fact

I’m so much comfier than the columnist at a desk, wearing a suit. Suckas


  1. Yes you might be in your pajamas but I suspect you aren’t in your parents basement. Or are you? She owes us an apology for that remark but we’ll never see it. I’m still waiting for her to release her medical records and didn’t she promise to get some information to Katie Couric? Yeah, I thought so. Comedy writers were worried about what they were going to do for material with Barack Obama in office. Answer: Sarah Palin.

  2. In pajamas here too, blogging in fact. I do own my own house though. Bring it on Sarah.

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    I am in my pj bottoms. In my home that I own, on the second floor- we don’t even HAVE a basement. Oh, I also was a traditional journalist for 10 years but hey, nevermind that.

  4. I’ve always worked from home, so I too, have the opportunity to stay in pajamas. I haven’t, though, since the delivery guy showed up unannounced.

    Her commentary is right in line with the stuff she spewed during the campaign and like that other stuff, it doesn’t make for a good impression.

    If she doesn’t go away, she’ll be a great source of material for years to come.

  5. My politically astute comment is “mmmm, Rachel Maddow is damned sexy in those pajamas.”

  6. I blog in my pajamas…THAT I own! In my HOUSE THAT I OWN. She can kiss my basement with all that noise. You couldn’t get that Woman in front of press, before their brand of divisive politics that DIDN’T win out. Now she wants to rant to anybody who listens. Next She’ll be on Sesame Street whinning to Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy about how tough she had it.

    She should start a blog…LOL!

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Miss Piggy would karate chop her.

    And Victoria’s comment just made me spit my drink

  8. I wish Palin would go away already. You lost, now go back to Alaska already. Doesn’t she have more fun things to do in Alaska then do interviews here in the lower 48? Such as shooting wildlife and using her tanning bed in the govenor’s mansion.

  9. I was in mine aaaallllll morning. Palin can suck my cotton bottoms.

  10. Cathy in Miami F-L-A says:

    Well, this is not really related to the pajamas thread…. (no pun intendid,)
    But I saw this and thought you might like it.
    I hope I do this right. I got it from the lolcats politicl site, punditkitchen.com
    see Sarah Palin pictures

  11. Cathy in Miami F-L-A says:

    okay that is not the picture I wanted to upload… If this doesnt work, go to punditkitchen.com and look for the Barack Obama block party picture.
    It’ll be like the fifth or sixth picture down.
    see Barack Obama pictures

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