Excuse me, but…

Hillary for Secretary of State. Whoo hoo. Horray. And all that jazz.

Now, forgive me here, but why exactly is the media so hell bent on focusing on the ‘sexism’ of world leaders?

Last I checked, our current Secretary of State was a woman. I may not like the Bush Administration policy or …well…anything about the Bush Administration, but I’m not going to pretend Dr. Condolezza Rice didn’t exist for 8 years simply because Clinton is taking over.


  1. I seem to also recall Nancy Pelosi surviving a trip to the Middle East without major issues, though some folks sure were atwitter beforehand over her head gear.

  2. Or Albright before Rice (and Powell).

  3. This is just ridiculous. It is not as though a female Sec’y of State is going to shake world leaders to their core. As was mentioned, we’ve had Condoleeza Rice for almost four years, and during the Clinton administration Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State. This is not treading new water.

  4. Perhaps, unlike many of the men and women before her, Secretary of State Clinton will actually accomplish some things, building on what she started during the Bill Clinton years. Sometimes the threat of “change” is what stirs the media (and humanity) the most!

  5. I, for one, am looking forward to a Roddenberry-esque future, in our lifetime, where sex, race, age, disability, etc., become non sequiturs.

    I pray for the day when “the first [insert qualifier du jour]” is directed more at a cure for a particular cancer, a successful treatment for a mental illness, or a successful, sustainable, renewable energy program rather than a human being who is, for whatever reason, unlike those who preceded her.

    It’s 2008. Can we not as a society get past all of that?

  6. Memo to wrytir:

    I breathlessly await the day the mainstream media announces the Senate’s confirmation of the first transgender mock neo pseudo quasi eunuch as Supreme Court Justice…

  7. Well, not just Condoleeza (who wasn’t quite 8 yrs but still…your point is well-taken). Let’s not forget Madeline Albright…who served quite effectively under Bill Clinton.

    The Hillary hoo-ha is stupid. With that said, I do like the overall diversity of the Obama cabinet so far…not just gender but across all spectrums.

  8. I feel like the media makes a bigger deal of perceived sexism sometimes than is necessary and makes the problem worse. Like when Hillary was first considering a bid for president and the media was all over the question, “Is America ready for a female president?” Them questioning it so much made a much bigger deal out of it than it needed to be.

  9. And don’t forget how the drive-by media threw a hissyfit over Sarah. The burning question of the day: is America ready for a soccer mom with a preggo teenaged daughter and a baby with down’s syndrome?

    Right. Like your average, basic mainstream media reporter doesn’t have a serious chromosomal disorder.

  10. Just giving you a big “w00t” for this post. And also, I adore Albright.

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