That Damn Cat is Evil

Prime example of BAD TECH:

There is a FurReal Friends white cat sitting outside in the car right now.

It’s not allowed in.

It’s not only creeping me out, but it won’t stop meowing and purring.

On Christmas morning my darling daughter will have a fake kitty to play with, that mimics a real life kitty…without the litter box, and I couldn’t be more creeped out by it.

Sure we’ve had the RoboPanda and the TriBot…but…this kitty…it’s just…I don’t know…TOO life like?

I waved my hand in front of it’s face, while it was still in the box, and it blinked and acknowledged me.

I can’t get Chucky out of my head.



  1. I waved my hand in front of it’s face, while it was still in the box, and it blinked and acknowledged me.

    That’s more attention than my real cat gives me on most days.

  2. I can’t wait til it starts horking up fake hairballs.

  3. We *almost* bought one of those. Now I am glad we didn’t…scary.

  4. Be grateful: no litter box to change.

    Still, it doesn’t look like a cat. More like a short-nosed Pomeranian.

  5. My daughter wants Biscuit the dog of that series…. The darn thing is like $80 though – and while I LOVE my daughter, she isn’t even 4 yet and I’m not entirely ready to start buying items quite that expensive, as I know by this time next year it will be either broken or sitting in the closet forgotten, if not both. Instead, I opted for a Cabbage Patch Kid (THE VERY SAME ONE I HAD WHEN I WAS A KID!!!!!!) And the Barbie Diamond Castle princess doll she doesn’t have (the Theresa one).
    I think my kid will be much more satisfied with that stuff than she would with Biscuit… Especially considering her fear of dogs. I mean… really.
    It’s hilarious that the cat is so lifelike that it’s creeping you out though.

  6. We had the dog version of this last year. I pretended it ran away and got lost. buh bye, creepy faux pet!

  7. Ahhh, the uncanny valley. Didn’t realize it worked for pets, too.

  8. The FurReal people and Target are on my short list for setting up the horse FurReal on the endcap and basically daring my daughter to see if her daddy or Santa would step up and get it for her. And no, neither one did.

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