Inauguration ’09: Military Families

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Millions are descending here on Washington, D.C. for reasons that are as vast and varied as our country.

Line for #inaug09 tickets at Cannon building

I’ve met politicians and parents, teachers and truckers. Standing in line waiting for tickets to the swearing-in, you can really get a feel for what may come tomorrow. The community is forming as line mates talk to one another and tell their story: why they came to see Barack Obama sworn-in and how they got here.

Just one of those stories is from one of our very own BlogHer’s. Stephanie Himel-Nelson, aka LawyerMama, along with Vivian Greentree are here representing Blue Star Families for Obama. Stephanie and Vivian spoke with me about their mission and their anticipation for an Obama Administration.

More from DC soon!

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  1. A strange sidelight on the inauguration.

    When the Obamanistas designated Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren to deliver the invocation, the homosexual community howled. So, to shut them up, Obama asked (Episcopal) Bishop Robinson of New Hampshire (who is homosexual) to say a prayer just before the concert on the Mall on Sunday.

    But when the good Bishop got up to do his thing, the sound system mysteriously went dead and no one heard him. Now the homosexual bloggers are up in arms. Some even think the PA snafu was a deliberate Obama plot. Here’s a sample. The comments are the best part:

    Let us know if the boo-birds are out in force when Rick Warren delivers his purpose-driven invocation, Queen

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