I’d Hug The Queen too

The Obama’s gave the Queen an iPod *gasp!*

The First Lady and the Queen EMBRACED! *shock* *horror*

We’re so sorry for our diplomatic ineptitude that we’re sending apology letters!

Listen, haters…you can make up all the drama you like, you can be upset over our President and First Lady’s ability to actually be warm and caring and human. But there is no ugly American overseas issue here.

You should have been writing those letters to apologize a few years ago when the cowboy mentality of shoot first and ask questions later reigned and the entire world thought we were a bunch of dicks.

Freedom Fries anyone?

But no, now you choose to be upset over an iPod and a hug. Nice.

*updated: Forget the Queen and the First Lady, conservatives just got wind that the President bowed when meeting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Let the terrorist e-mail memes ensue.



  1. Seriously!

  2. But you don’t hug the Queen.
    I know YOU guys all left the UK to escape monarchies..but if you are then going to visit them and get photos with them..you have to follow protocol.

    The Queen is also a very astute woman and would never say or do anything about it either…I don’t think it bothers her either way….but it is just that..an ancient protocol that monarchists follow.

    So if you are gonna love the Queen..you gotta follow the rules.

    Figure head or not..she is a real queen. It ain’t Disney.

  3. Wow, the queen looks so tiny next to her! Change is good…

  4. Crunchy, if the Queen moves to put her arm around you- what do you do????

    Michelle didn’t tackle her and bear hug her. That’s not what happened!

  5. Lol..did the queen ‘hug’ first?
    I think she just went along with Michelle..which was very nice of her….and for the record…Michelle really did what anyone does when made to stand close for a photo…

    Plus the queen is cute in a granny sort of way.
    But you don’t hug the queen.

    But (lots of them) she isn’t an idiot and meets ALL sorts of people all the time so for her it really isn’t a bit deal…BUT (heh)..she is a Queen….a real queen.

  6. But wait a sec-it appears from the article that the “hug” was mutual and that the Queen actually initiated.

    Hey, if the Queen hugged me I’d hug her back too! Not doing so would be rude and look even worse.

  7. Very well said! I don’t get it, why they find something wrong with everything the man does. He is a very different president, be glad!

  8. FYI “Much is being made of Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth’s embrace. As the First Lady and Queen chatted at the G-20 reception on Wednesday night, the Queen touched her hand to Michelle Obama’s back, and the gesture was then returned. Royal etiquette dictates that the Queen not be touched unless she reaches out first. Patting the Queen’s back, however, is almost unprecedented behavior in Buckingham Palace.”

    and there is video http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/02/michelle-obama-hugs-queen_n_182237.html

  9. Umm….we have soldiers in Iraq and THIS is what people want to bitch about? Oh no, a hug! And an iPod! That’s worse than people being killed!

    And what did they want our president to do, other than bow to King Abdullah? High five him?

    People are never happy and they usually suck.

  10. GWB kissed the King when he wanted oil prices lowered…but apparently thats fine

  11. Hey this is bigger than Can PM being caught in the loo during the G20 photo op!!

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