Crashing The Tea Party

Fox News thinks ACORN is going to crash conservative Tea Parties…perhaps they haven’t met my daughter and I?

Crashing The Tea Parties>

We’re holding our own Tea Party.

In case you missed it, “anti-tax” protesters are gathering across the country this April 15th to throw “tea parties” to show their…well, it’s unclear. Stefania from MOMOcrats calls it it a tantrum,

“We’ve been puzzling over this tea party concept ever since we’ve heard about it. From what we can figure Conservatives across the country are holding parties to protest being ‘Taxed Enough Already’ (get it?) among other things. This despite the fact that President Obama has just passed the largest middle class tax cut in history. Remember during the campaign how the GOP was telling everyone that Obama would raise your taxes? Makes you wonder if Republicans 1) ever read Obama’s proposed tax policy and 2) ever read the news.”

Jane Hamsher has a more detailed round-up on how all this tea party business got started. With “business” being the key word,

“Why all the effort to distance themselves (Fox News) from the teabaggers? It’s obvious they are integrally involved — Fox has given them millions in free publicity, despite the fact that there’s no evidence of ‘ratings gold’ here. Four of their biggest stars will be appearing at the rallies, Fox Nation will be hosting a ‘virtual tea party,’Glenn Beck is holding a $500 a plate fundraiser for them and Fox has been officially promoting the entire affair as the FNC Tax Day Tea Parties…Maybe they’re afraid that if people knew that those behind the demonstrations were the very same lobbyists and influence peddlers the teabaggers claim to decry, the whole thing would be revealed to be what it is — a hollow excercise in extremist right-wing hypocrisy.”

Confused yet? also breaks down the Tea Party fun,

“Who is behind the Teabags Across America movement? Well, fuck if we know. But here are a few of the Founding Fathers:

Obvs we all know about CNBC “journalist” Rick Santelli, who got the ball (heh) rolling back in February when he sort of went apeshit on the air and then all the kids watched it on the YouTube, for laffs.

Next we heard, American Spectator boy wonder Managing Editor and known anti-twittite J. Peter Freire tweeted the idea of having a “New American Tea Party,” you know, for principles.

WHOA BUT WAIT. Next thing you know, new media genius Michael Patrick Leahy is just goin cold nuts about liberty and stuff. So now HE is in charge.

And then, because nothing says “grassroots” like “big money lobbyists,” our friends at FreedomWorks got in on the act! AND THEY MADE SHIRTS.

But you know it’s really not a conservative movement until the American Family Association signs on, and sign on they did.”

So where does that leave us? April 15th will be filled with extremists, anti-Obama-ites, GOP/RNC opportunists, lobbyist, plenty of t-shirt sales, anti-union groups, and according to Firedoglake white supremacists and xenophobic anti-immigrant groups.

Wow. Quiet the gathering.

Then there are those holding virtual tea parties like‘s Aaron Brazell, who says he wants nothing to do with the extremists,

“…don’t bring me into extraneous issues. My ‘teaparty’ is only focused on taxcode/system. Non-partisan.”

Unfortunately that core message isn’t getting through. It seems  just about everyone has caught on to the double entendre with the Tea Party rhetoric in which participants have been encouraged to “tea bag” the White House, or “tea bag” their Congressman.

I’ll give you a second to go look it up on Urban Dictionary.

The giggles and snickers have spread to cable news and beyond, resulting in Tea Parties not being taken seriously.

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Which leaves me exactly where I started, spending April 15th having a tea party with my daughter. The 4-year old won’t give me spin, lobbyists, white supremacists, or tax-cut rhetoric. No, all I will get from her is a little sugar.

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  1. Cute post. I have been trying very hard not rofl a the “tea-bag” jokes. 🙂

  2. And hopefully your daughter won’t ramble on and on about tea bagging.

    Although if she does. Well you might want to tape it?

  3. I got a robo-call “invitation” to one of these things in MD. If they’ve got people like me on their list (very politically active on the other side!) then they’re definitely in trouble!! I’d much rather join in with you and your daughter 🙂

  4. John Acheson says:

    Still looking for that vast right wing conspiracy, eh?

    Perhaps it really is that hard for you to imagine a movement where there is no central authority, and so much of your post (when not trying to make pointless sexual references) seems to be an effort to identify the evil secret cabal that is “orchestrating” the events.

    If you did some serious digging beyond the Urban Dictionary, MSNBC vids and bloggers that already are in lockstep with your views, you might find that this is a true grassroots movement, with many different points of view and goals among the participants, and not all in agreement with each other.

    In my own case, yes I am partisan, but not “Democrat vs Republican” or “Left vs Right”, as in your simplistic view that I perceived from your post . I’ll be visiting the offices of a few Republican state reps who have gone along with the insane spending and misdirection that has been going on in my state.

    Will there be some fringe loonies in attendance? Most likely, yes. I’ve already heard that ACORN and (for some unknown reason) Code Pink will have some presence at the Madison WI tea party. Likely there will be some other hate groups as well, but as I look at the crowd here I’ve yet to see any swastikas being displayed.

    Since Fox News coverage of news equates to “financing” in your mind, the current administration must really be in love with Fox for the millions in financing Fox has provided to them since the inauguration.

    The Tea Party in Madison WI has not even officially started as I write this, yet the square at the Capitol building is already filled. The estimate according to local news is now 4000 + people, 20 minutes before the start of the event. And buses and cars are still unloading across the town.

    And that is only one of 1900 events going on, regardless of the Chris Matthews, et al chorus of maniacal chortles you helpfully gave me links to. This despite not getting MSNBC coverage (financing?) such as the national story on the 12 people that showed up for the DC “Anti-Tea” party last week.

    Oh by the way, no Fox News “financing trucks” are on the scene at this time.

    2010 is going be n interesting general election, sharing and highlighting posts such as yours has been a great help. Thanks in advance!

    Off to my tea party for now, and thanks for expressing your views! We may have some pretty huge disagreements but that’s what keeps life interesting.


  5. Don’t kid yourself, at the end of the day, we’ll end up with Obama painted RED by the GOP, despite his tax cuts, despite his efforts, and despite all the problems created by…the GOP. This tea party is no laughing matter. Republicans seizing the high ground by railing against measures to fix what they broke, and in typical hypocritical fashion blame all the ills on the Dems. And the great mass of stupidity out there buys right in. I’m so tired of disingenous Republican leadership unable to say “We’re sorry” or “We were wrong”, or even “Of course, we bear responsibility for the current crisis, we held the helm for eight years.” Just when you think there is nowhere for these losers to regroup, out comes the Tea Party. Lending a good name to a bad cause. Peace Out.

  6. First. “Haven’t met my daughter and I”? Remember that old little trick, use just one subject, then the other, by themselves, and THEN you’ll get it right. “Haven’t met my daughter…haven’t met I”. Nope. Not working. That would be “haven’t met my daughter and ME”. Just figured you’d want to be correct in the grammar, being a real journalist with press pass credentials and all.
    Then? If you’re even still reading this. I like John’s comment. You guys really don’t get it. When the single largest multi-city demonstration in the history of this country goes down, and the liberals didn’t get to create it, of course, you are all about not being able to find any real meaning or substance behind real feelings, real concerns, legitimate issues. I suppose you thought that silly girl’s so called report for CNN yesterday counts for substantive reporting. Susan Roesgan? Yeah. You would. Not only did she insinuate her opinions into the “story”, she talked over, baited and then ridiculed that man with his baby on his hip, and then entire idea. Then? She ran away. It wasn’t “family friendly”. He never got to finish his point, which apparently was too intelligent for her to get. “What does this have to do with taxes”, she so snidely queried…well, what the man was TRYING to repeat was Lincoln’s statement on the immorality of tearing down one house to build another, for someone else. In other words? Taxing something like 49% of the country for about 75% of the revenues. That is what the Tea Parties are about. It’s about 51% or so of our country living off the work and sweat of the rest of us. It is about families in the earning area of 35K a year, NOT paying any taxes whatsoever, getting a “tax credit”. How in the hell can it be a credit if you pay no taxes in the first place? Who is paying that person’s “tax credit”. I am. My husband is. And at this rate, so will our children and theirs. I assume you make more than 35K a year, so you are too. Why should your President get to tell you to whom you must give your money? And it is not Obama-specific. Those of us who take a few minutes to learn a couple of things are also just as pissed with Bush’s policies on spending, both Congresses, and an entire host of abuses for years to the very foundations of this country. This administration has just taken it so to the extreme that it is time to speak out. That silly “reporter” stated the demonstration was “anti-government”, like that man was rallying around effigies of Obama, and toting rifles. Do you, or any of you that consider yourselves so aware, open minded, and progressive even read the papers by Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Adams or Lincoln himself? They advocated a revolution, a re-start of the government every 20 years or so to purge the system of the very things that have led to the monstrosity it is today. THEY were anti-government. They just saw it as a “necessary evil” that would stem the tide of worse evil if there were no law of the land, and someone to see it carried out. The fat, waste, dishonesty, and straying from the real duties of government is not from just one party, but both. The people who created our country were terrified of living under any shadow similar to that of King George. They wanted the right to work hard, and keep the fruits of their labor. And that is a right, not a promise. You don’t work as hard as the next guy? You don’t live as well. What makes it OK to sit back and take a check off those who do work hard? Why do we want to protect the horrible systems that are our current welfare programs? Have you driven by “government” housing lately? Do you really think the government can do more for the people than we could do for each other if left to our own minds and ingenuity? Obama may have won the election, but the margin wasn’t wide. And many of his supporters are now disillusioned and disappointed. Sending a message to Washington, to any elected official, is something on which you liberals think you’ve got the market cornered. All that Prop 8 stuff? I didn’t hear anything in the press about “astroturfing”, or “whining”, or robotic thinking. Nope. You were original. Living out your rights. Justified. And what has the “right wing extremists”, like our 2 year old, or 8 year old, or 11 or 13 year old who was with us last night in Atlanta, mad, is the flagrant ignoring of an entire way of living and thinking while we get your agendas shoved down our throats. As if were stupid because we don’t agree with you. Now where’s the freedom of choice in that?
    Republicans didn’t break the system, as the previous commenter stated. No one party, no one politician can do that. This mess is the mess of many years of self-serving corrupt power. Maybe some of us just actually dared to “hope” that Obama would turn the tide, not throw us all into it. You really think the government can nationalize health care, and it NOT be just like going to the DMV? Seriously? Canadians are panicked because they don’t know WHERE they’ll go if America is nationalized, also. This country may be broken in many ways, but throwing out the foundations of free market, little government intervention, and listening to the voice of the people, all the people, not just those getting new broadband from the “stimulus” bill, is only going to serve to seal our fate.
    20,000 people showed up in Atlanta, and tens of thousands more across the country. We’re not “angry robots”. We’re angry Americans who see America being reduced from all its promise to just another “progressive” nation. Show me where other “civilized” nations can offer a fraction to its people that this country can. Show me another country where an inexperienced 44 (5) year old can become the first black man to hold the highest office in the world, only 160 years or so after slavery, and only 40 years or so following not even being able to eat in “white” public cafes? So we don’t have nationalized health care, yet. Have you tried to get specialized top-notch health care in Sweden? England? Canada?
    Yeah. I ranted. But it is just unfathomable to me that so many “smart” people really don’t get it. I didn’t leave a website because I don’t keep one anymore. If you want to give me your what-for in light of my ignorant “right wing radicalism”, go ahead. Email me, or post on your lovely blog. Otherwise, I’ll assume what usually happens has happened in this case. Decent argument or thought from the “right” usually just gets ignored.

  7. Oh hai Allison.

    Ya wanna go there? Oh sure…why the hell not. Let’s go there.

    First of all. This is my blog. It’s not CNN and it’s not Huff Po and it’s not even Malkin. Its my own little site. Which means if I wanna write like I talk (see what i just did there, with wanna?) that is what I shall do.

    Second of all… The CNN reporter thing? Why would you assume I would be ok with any reporter taking sides on any issue? Like say, Fox’s entire news room has done? I mean really? You’re going to be mad about one CNN reporter when all of Fox has been frothing over the tea parties? WOW.

    Next. Yes, anyone with half a brain should also be mad at the Bush and Clinton admins. But all the signs I am seeing at these things seem to take zero responsibility for any of that. In fact, they are not even focused on what was done in years past. They are focused on what has been done in the past 12 weeks. Yes, 12 weeks.

    So let’s talk about what’s occurred over the past 12 weeks and why you disagree with it. Most economists and sane people agree the spending on War got us out of the Great Depression. Spending. Yes. Spending is what did it.

    So. If we spend on war to get us out of one big Econ crisis…and that was just peachy, why exactly is what the Obama admin doing bad? Is it because they are not spending on war? Is it because they are spending on things like Green Jobs? You know, a term that seems to send the Right into jokes about Al Gore?

    So yeah, I get it. I get it just fine. I get that there are people who legitimately have issues with the tax code. Or the IRS. However the people that are overwhelmingly attending these tea parties are not them. No, they are disgruntled, white, sore losers. Ready to take aim at the administration in the name of freedom and revolution when really all they are looking for is an outlet for their whiny, unrealistic, silliness.

    Its so much easier to cry socialism or communism or whatever ism you all are spouting this week, when you are forced to make up for the years upon years of idiot rule. When your “moral majority” is put to the test when those most in need actually need your help. No, instead of helping your fellow countryman, you protest them. You say “I’ll give when I want and how I want” like the spoiled, selfish American you are and to hell with anyone else.

    Because you don’t give a shit if the back bone of industry fails or your neighbor’s house is foreclosed on. So long as you get yours. That’s all that matters, right? Because you assume your neighbor was stupid anyway, because they can’t in any way shape or form be anything like smart, smart you. Who I am sure has planned for an unforseen disease or accident or layoff or situation. Because you’re better than they are and steeped in white priviledge so no worries, nothing bad will ever, ever befall you.

    But when it does, and it will, you’ll blame someone else. It’s Obama’s fault or it’s my fault. And you’ll take assistance begrudgingly because it’s that or starve or go without a roof over your head. And then..yes my dear then…I’ll be there. And I’ll hug you, and I’ll say…it will be ok. And I’ll help. Because that what we progressives do.

    So go ahead and have your tea party. And my daughter and I will have ours. And you can rail against all the ills you see in the world, when last year while people were tortured you did nothing. When cronies got contracts you did nothing. When wars were waged in the name of $ you did not do shit. When the good old boys gave eachother bonuses and the little guy got screwed. No, you couldn’t be bothered to tea party then. Now, only when after 12 weeks your guy isn’t in the White House do you actually care.

    So yeah, sorry if I think you’re full of it Allison. But the man giving you the largest middle class tax cut, and a lower rate than under Reagan make a hell of a lot more sense to me than wasting tea bags made in China on an April day.

  8. MSNBC said “Bush.”

    Heh. heh heh.

  9. …and that, my friends…is why Mom101 rules

  10. Erin, you rock 🙂 That’s all I’m gonna say!

  11. whuddadumbsn says:

    “Hi my name is Righty McTrollerstein and I’m gonna go around looking for innocent little posts about moms and their kids having tea parties and having a good old laugh at people complaining about high taxes and asking for Reagan back when taxes were actually higher in Reagan’s time.

    And when I find that innocent post, I’m gonna spew all the garbage I’ve been hearing on Fox news, because that’s the REAL news. They don’t have a liberal agenda. No. It’s the NO-SPIN-ZONE, baby!

    And if Bill O’Reilly told me to protest, and if Neil Cavuto told me to protest… then gosh darn it… I should protest! They have a bunch of money afterall, right? I wanna be like them someday. All rich and stuff — you know, so that I can justify being angry that people making over $250,000 per year are the only people whose taxes are going up. Yep. That’s why I wanna be rich.

    So yeah. Your tea party with your kids is BULLSHIT. And you’re a commie libtard terrorist! I bet you didn’t even pay taxes on that tea because you’re on welfare because you’re a liberal!”

    ^^ pretty much sums up what I’ve been hearing the past few days.

    Chin up, dear friend. Don’t let the neo-cons get you down.

  12. whuddadumbsn says:

    “Also I’m totally gonna just spew all my thoughts into one paragraph because that way you won’t be able to tell if I throw in a statistic that I totally pulled outta my ass. Also, you’ll probably get bored so you won’t even bother reading my bullshit rhetoric. And furthermore, big paragraphs probably SCARE you — because, you know, I looooove me some scare tactics. We all know that liberals get scared by us neo-cons and our T.E.A. parties and our SHOUTING. MAYBE IF I SHOUT YOU’LL GET SCARED, TOO. Also, Obama — SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!”

    ^^ forgot to add that one to the above. Le sigh.

  13. I kinda love you Righty McTrollerstein. Wanna make out?

  14. Caroline says:

    Hi, Erin! I loved this exchange. I’ve been waiting for socialism to really make it into the forefront in this country, and although Obama isn’t a socialist, there are some things we MUST do in this country that are, well, socialist. It helps my acceptance of this that I’ve been pink-going-on-red-under-the-bed for a long time now…back to Reagan days in the 80’s where I witnessed first-hand how socialist countries, like Sweden, and socialist-leaning Germany, have such an intrinsically higher quality of life than most of the U.S. Hey, I’m still a product of this country and enjoy my Dish network and freedom of speech and bacon and air conditioning…but so do people in those countries. What’s more, they have significantly better-educated individuals emerging from high schools than over here.
    All that to say that I’m against the Tea Partiers, that their posturing is divisive and upsetting at a time when WE DON’T NEED IT…there are far more compelling issues at stake right now than fucking taxes. I’m unemployed and you don’t hear me bitching about having paid taxes.
    I follow you on Twitter and look forward to your posts…you’re my tribe, sister.
    Ciao and have a grand time in D.C. – it’s my old stomping ground.

  15. Nothing like a great big steaming cup of “WHO FUCKING CARES?”

  16. whuddadumbsn says:

    How I love me a good non-sequitur…

    As Trolly McTrollerstein: “OMG! ARE YOU GAY???!!! You’re going to HELL. You get no gay marriage! You can’t dictate what MY church gets to do, court system! That’s terrible! Your gay-ness RUINS the sanctity of my two divorces! Gay marriage is a slippery slope! It’ll totally lead to me marrying my pet dog! What’s next? POLYGAMY?”

    I tell ya, Barack Obama, gay rights advocates, stem-cell research advocates, and pro-choice advocates have GOT to be among the most patient people in this country.

  17. “When the single largest multi-city demonstration in the history of this country goes down”

    So I take it you were on vacation on a remote island somewhere a few years ago when millions of people came out to protest the Iraq war?

  18. Oh sure. HAI. I may have issued the “we’ll go there”. But not because I’m picking for any fight. It truly is because you people really think we’re “full of it” because we don’t bow down and take it up the ()#*$^# when Obama, or Bush, or anyone, grants us their little favors with “tax credits” or whatever the hell they want to call them. The man is NOT giving us, or you, the largest middle tax cut. Have you read about charitable giving getting less deduction? Cap and trade? Also, illegally, by which I mean the very constitution itself prohibits post-facto law enforcement, taxing bonuses to the rate of 90% in a company OUR GOVERNMENT knew would pay bonuses because it was in the original contract and bill signed by the very highest muckety mucks under Obama? And then that, embarrassing our, government acted like it was the most unheard of, indecent thing on the planet. In case you’re not tracking, we’re discuss the AIG bonuses. “Our” people in Washington knew that giving TARP funds was to help the companies fulfill their contracts. Contracts that stated certain people got huge, maybe even gross bonuses. And then? They turn around and scold those very business men and women. As if they had “no clue” as to how the funds would be spent. Think I’m full of it all you want, but I don’t need “the man”. In fact, we’re due, under new legislation, some huge sort of break on our mortgage. Guess what? We did our homework, worked our asses off, and did it right this time. We won’t take it. Even if it means lowering our mortgage some several hundred dollars per month. And I’m not actually wasting any tea bags. Nor anything else if I can help it. I agree with conserving resources to the best of our abilities.
    Sure, this is your blog. But you also write for Huff, do you not? And as far as newsrooms taking sides, do you really not think that the vast majority of media sided with, and actually promoted Obama in this election? Fox. Huh. All the liberals hate them, including my own father, because, apparently, they “froth”. Actually, they don’t lick the butt of the liberal media. That makes them “extremists”. I totally acknowledge that every outlet has its own agenda, but really, one newsroom actually reporting the biggest demonstration in this country, and now they’re “frothing”?
    Spending on “war” got us out of the depression? Maybe. But the trillion dollars, or so, signed into effect for our “stimulus” is not on the war. In fact, vets and soldiers are getting cuts in various areas. The “stimulus” spending is on broadband for the masses, Planned Parenthood, even some obscure kayak/weird canoe team from Hawaii. Look it up. Emmanuel himself said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. All the stupid, selfish, corrupt issues and wants of politicians for several years are coming into play in this so called “stimulus” package. How will we be better as a country with machines in certain cities to the tune of hundred of thousands that remove tattoos from gang members? Really? That’s where our hard to come by dollars should go right now?
    Green is great. I don’t care. But don’t tell me what car I have to drive. While we have poured billions of tax dollars into the auto industry here, they are STILL about to be bankrupt, AND? AND?!? The current admin. is telling them they have to shut down the 11 most profitable lines they do have, the cars that still do sell. Which cars? The bigger ones, of course. The most gas guzzling. A near bankrupt company with any profitability is being told to stop the one profitable thing? That’s the kind of gov’t. we want? Fine if you want to go green. Fine. Drive a small tin can that gets 40 MPG. That should be your choice. But. If. I want to, or need to drive a big ol’honking gas guzzling SUV, then that should be my choice. Green is great. Just don’t shove it down my throat. Or take away my choices.
    The majority of tea party attenders are not “disgruntled, white, sore losers”. If you had the balls to attend one, you’d see all sort of skin tones. Ethnicities. Social economic backgrounds. Ages. There was a young Asian man last night carrying a sign that read “welcome to Sweden”. And do you know the only agitation the entire evening came from some young black folks carrying Obama signs, and claiming that our disagreement was tantamount to racism. Really? Now it is racist to disagree?
    I’ll be glad to help my fellow country man. In fact, I do at every chance I get. Of my OWN accord. It is wrong, ethically, morally, spiritually, and yes, constitutionally, to demand someone helps their fellow man. You really want to legislate that? To be told how much and when and where your money is to be “given”?
    Yeah, I’m all about “getting mine”. That’s all I care about. If my neighbor’s house forecloses because they got into a mortgage KNOWING they couldn’t do the math and pay it off? Then, hell no, I don’t need to pay for that. And there is a huge faction of people in that boat right now. You have trouble? Were reasonable and thoughtful, and lost a job? Absolutely, you should have mercy and help. But I’ll be damned before I give that help because some “president” tells me I must.
    I am not a “smart, smart me”. But I have reasonable thoughts that are trampled upon daily with the ideas of “hey, you make a little more, so just give it HERE”. That is bullshit. Don’t you want to be able to give when, where and how you’d like? And in light of your “whiteness”, why would you slam my own? My white privilege? How do you even know I’m white? My name? You have no idea who I am, or what I look like. But if I am white, then why do you disparage the very thing that you are? Privileged? How do you know where I came from, or what my background is? We’ve had plenty of bad to “befall us”. And yet, we take responsibility for it, as we should. We lost money, homes, retirement, hell, we’ve given away most of what should be “ours”. But then, we don’t give a shit about anyone else, or their bad times.
    I don’t blame another single person for our mistakes. Or faults. Not Obama, you, or anyone. That is the very core of our disagreement with his administration. That he would allow so many people to screw up and not have to deal with it themselves. What kind of message is that? Do you teach your own children they don’t have to be responsible for their decisions? You roll the dice, you take your chances. In life, real estate, investments, whatever.
    And how in the hell do you know what I did, and when I did or didn’t do it, in other issues? Wars, atrocities, “cronies getting contracts”. You know not one damn thing about me, or my causes. But because you hold that liberal bias, you assume, that if I say this or that, then that must mean I’m unfair, and hypocritical about other issues. That, Erin, is wrong. I’ve cared a long time, and hoped. To just step out now and actually demonstrate does not make me a hypocrite.
    There is not a lower rate than under Reagan. To believe otherwise is to drink the kool-aid. And, dear? We are the little guy. Getting screwed constantly by cap and trade, payroll taxes, and the very fact that this administration seems set on punishing the very people who can create, and sustain jobs. Just if the effin gov’t. would get out of the way.
    People were tortured last year? Oh gee, really, in the middle of a war? I suppose you are a fan of Gitmo closing. Good. Maybe the confirmed terrorists let free from there can come live in your neighborhood. I sure as hell don’t want them in mine. Yeah, that’s right, that’s because I’m racist.
    I’m not wasting tea bags. I’m lending a voice. Shout ill about it all you want, but this kind of voice matters, and we won’t go away. I would hope to find common ground, being “moms” and all that. But if you really don’t care that Gitmo inmates could be your neighbors, or that you children have to pay trillions of dollars for our government’s inability to reign itself in, then, we definitely will have to agree to disagree. But then, that’s what you’re all about, right?

  19. whuddadumbsn says:

    There is just way too much to respond to… The problem with a debate like this is that it would take so much for us to even get on the same plane of thinking to have a conversation. And don’t think that I’m insulting you, personally. I’m talking about something that happened… back in elementary school… that made my beliefs, values, and the way I think and learn so very different from yours, Allison.

    Case-in-point? “Gitmo.” Law school in all of its debt-inducing glory taught me much about the various rights afforded to individuals under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. And not that I’m waiving those around as a shield so that I don’t have to directly respond to your argument — but, those documents were drafted to insure that people like you or me were not harassed by the government. That our houses weren’t searched in the middle of the night because a newly-elected official decided to call a certain group of individuals “terrorists.”

    That being said, I believe that there definitely are terrorists around — they are people whose beliefs (not racial or national makeup) are contrary to ours, and who would stop at nothing to destroy our Nation and our people through acts of violence. The problem is in identifying “terrorists.” Is a kid who gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time (e.g. in a trench on enemy territory) automatically a terrorist, even though he carries no weapons? Some think so. But what if that kid were really innocent?

    Having your rights read to you and the right to a fair and speedy trial prevents innocent people from being wrongly convicted. To me, I’d rather see “Gimo” prisoners, or other enemy combatants know the charges brought against them and have a speedy trial than think about whether or not we are violating the Geneva Convention or international human rights law.

    Punish the real terrorists to the fullest extent of the law (without, of course, making them to be martyrs) — I’m all for it. Giving everyone a fair trial — I’m all for that, too.

  20. whuddadumbsn says:
  21. The part of Allisons comment I liked the best was how shes pissed that families making under 35k a year (poor people) are not paying taxes and getting a tax credit that is ultimately paid by her and people like her (rich people). She goes on to say that if the govt would just leave rich people like her alone, they would take care of us poor people, when they got around to it, if they felt like it, better then the govt could. Yeah Allison, youre pissed I get a tax credit, but you’ll gladly help out if you arent “made to”.
    The part I really dont get is the “we have had all we can take” . The first tea bagging parties were, what?, end of February. A month after Obama took office, and it had already become unbearable?? I know this protesting stuff is probably new to you, but you may need to pace yourself! Losing sucks, doesnt it?

  22. Yeah. In the light of day, I asked for a fight. And honestly? It felt good. But at least whuddadumsn came back with less personal, and more civil, understandable argument. That, I appreciate even if and when I fail to accomplish it myself. But Annette? It’s awesome to learn something new every day. Huh. As of this morning, we’re RICH! Rich! Didn’t know that when I went to bed last night. In fact, we’ve got “credits” and “cuts” coming our way, too. We are NOT in the over 250K bracket. Not by a long shot. But really, you cannot call a check in the mail, payed for by other people’s taxes, a “tax credit”, to someone who does not pay taxes. Good to know though, by just reading some opinions that you’ve been able to peg exactly who and what we are. Now, I thought only the radical conservative right-wingers were prejudicial like that. You have no idea whether or not I voted for Obama, hopeful, now discouraged, for decent reason. Or whether or not I’ve ever been involved in protesting. You really don’t. Nice way to assume, though.

    Paragraph change, for whudda. You are right. Way too many issues here to actually have a productive exchange. I do understand how the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are constructed to protect us. However, I cannot help but feel too many of those protections are being extended to known terrorists. Not the racial/ethnic/religious profiling type of “potential” terrorists. But again, too much here to cover in any organized manner.

    Despite all the “frothing”, a good day to all. In whatever tax bracket you fall. And oh yeah! I’m extra excited today, because now, we’re rich!

  23. whuddadumbsn says:

    It’s a shame that all of our twitter and blog debates happen in “flame wars,” ya know? There should be a way to capture point-counterpoint in a way… maybe a video-debate blog? Somewhere where you could go to contribute to an ongoing debate, where people can hear your facial expressions and tone of voice.

    And I’m not talkin’ YouTube! Haha. There’s a lot of crap on YouTube.

    I did see this one website, — it’s pretty good for debates. Narrows the issues… tries to limit the discussion. A good place to go for “getting it out there,” as it were.

    Have a really really great day, everyone. Remember to laugh.

  24. The Dude says:

    Listen if you had half the brains you pretend to have then you wouldn’t subject your own family to the liberal communist crap you are spewing. The TEA parties are regular everyday people just trying to be heard and if FOX News is the only source of media outlet that will give them their voice then that is the liberal media’s fault! They gave the creep that shot all those cops more attention, they give that stupid bitch Nancy Polockski more attention. Oh what was the big news the other day, Domino’s pizza had snot on it. That was real national news. Isuppose if this is the death throughs of your short lived liberal bullshit spread my wealth around so lazy people don’t have to work movement, then take it! But it won’t stop regular people from standing up and saying enough is enough. Oh and like it or not this is a Christian nation!!!

  25. whuddadumbsn says:

    Wow, Dude. You just fit every single stereotype that I talked about using the mythical Trolly McTrollerstein. I hope that you’re being sarcastic.

  26. HahahaHA! Coffee shot out my nose when my eyes alighted on “The Dude”‘s scree. Whuddadumnsn, I too, think this is a post that could make for a great Colbert Report piece. Anything that can make me laugh that hard in such dire times deserves a thank you: The Dude – you’ve got a future in comedy!

  27. The Dude says:


    I’m sure that it was coffee that shot out of your nose! Listen you don’t have to read my pen, you can see the entire world swell up against this president because in Communism the leaders all want to be the king and that is a fact! If you think that your liberal agenda does not include spending your money as well as the rich, then you need a history lesson! You stupid liberals never seize to amaze me, always picking on the rich when most of the liberals are elitists. How many poor people have you ever worked for? Seems that if it were not for the rich, you would not have a job! dumbass!!!!

  28. Awww, looks like someone didn’t get his night-night bottle and took to his crack pipe instead. Dude, you should try seeing a therapist about your tantrum problems. I’m sure if you pay them enough, there’s someone out there who can listen to you rant… after your first line, I could see your little anger management issue and didn’t read the rest. Just so you know when you flame next time.
    Feel better soon!

  29. The Dude says:

    Is that your real name? No matter!
    Looks like someone is trying to play intelligent again.. Well isn’t that cute! Hey, I tell you what, why don’t you let the grown ups talk and you can play later. Okay? Alright!

    Someday when you grow up and understand, which by the way requires thought of your own, which may require some actual investigation. You understand that the truth never sits at the top, it is almost always buried beneath the lies of the liberal media, sad but true! So do some real investigation and you might not like what you find but at the least no what you are up against. I was at a young age, right out of school a liberal too. For many years I believed just like you, that the world needs collective action of all nations and that we should pool our resources together and take care of everyone. The problem is with that, you cannot sustain a society with only 50% of the people working and paying for everything. Despite my comments at the top I really don’t want to argue, I was only trying to help make people understand that socialism is not the answer! It has never worked, it has always failed. The social issues belong to the people not the government! Most churches are much better prepared and efficient with my money that I choose to donate.. My church feeds, cloths, houses and defends millions that cannot so for themselves! I take care of children in Africa and America through Compassion International and Feed the Children foundations. Through the government plans they will eliminate these programs because they want no competition. How? They want to stop allowing tax deductions for charity donations! I also know that my church does not give my money to support abortion. Why should I subsidise something I do not believe in, when it’s against my faith? Life begins when God says it does not when we want it to.
    These are just part of my issues and some day I hope more people stand up for all children.

  30. ‘Socialism has failed time and time again’…
    since it’s inception about 200 years ago.



    If you don’t learn your history, you are doomed to repeat it….and please don’t go throwing religion into the political mix; UNLESS YOU WANT THAT LEGISLATED as well…

    Oh, and DUDE? I need your address. I’m going to send you the five bucks you spent on Planned Parenthood through taxation. In return, please send me the thousands I spent on the war in Iraq I DID NOT AGREE UPON BECAUSE OF MY MORALS!

    Thanks 😉

  31. Hey, DUDE

    PS: I’m guessing your Church doesn’t ‘defend’ millions as you claim (once again, inflate the numbers, like the attendance of that Tea Party)

    If it does, I’m joining! Just give me the link that proves your assertions (and if you read the first three letters of the word preceding this statement, I think you’ll understand how much I regard you and your opines)

    Thanks 😉

  32. The Dude says:

    I didn’t send us to Iraq anymore than I knocked up the women getting the abortions. So tell me why again I owe you money for what? Oh and morals you say, they are not the little things you find in cookies!!! Oh and JJ, 1 penny spent on “PLANNED PARENTHOOD” is too much. Outrageous we call the MURDER of BABIES “PLANNED PARENTHOOD”!!!! And I don’t practice religion, I have a faith!!! BIG difference!!! Look it up!! So don’t threaten me freak! I’m a sick to death of you moron liberals comparing war to abortion. So yes we did go to war with people who wanted to kill ALL of us, and they defended themselves quite well. So now tell me what the unborn has done to the liberals? Because they can’t defend themselves!!! You want to abort someone, try it on someone who can defend them self!!!

    And here is my address, send the five bucks here, it’s where it will end up anyway!
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC

  33. The Dude says:

    Are you kidding? You really are so stupid that you don’t understand that the Church albeit a building we go to is also the Body of Christ! You really don’t believe that the Christian faith defends millions of people by feeding, clothing, housing? Also look up Feed The Children and Compassion International, Google it! Wow how stupid can you be? And hey moron, show me where I said millions were at a TEA party! Who really cares what you think anyway? So you will get no more replies from me!!!! Go get your thrills elsewhere!!

  34. Way to be outraged and not give me one logical argument.
    You’re sick to death of comparing war to abortion? Why? Because war kills millions more than abortion?


    Though shalt not kill is a commandment. Do you think funding the killer instead of pulling the trigger is any better in your god’s eyes?

    (BTW, Find me 20 Iraqis that wanted US dead…and I’ll find you 20 people here in the US that wanted the same…)

    I love the puns, they just keep happening.

  35. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I stumbled onto an argument with a fundamentalist. Can’t reason with you people, because you believe the world was created 5000 years ago…

    So, since I can’t win by backing my arguments with history and scientific proof, I can’t play.


    Have a nice life.

  36. Just a shout out to the others here;

    Does ‘!!!’ mean anything? I’m just curious…

  37. The Dude says:

    40 million babies aborted since Roe v Wade! What science or history do you show me, just your opinion which is as worthless as tits on a chicken!! The education system is one big lie today anyway, proof is global warming!

    Also, do your research, it is Though Shalt Not Murder! Not kill! there is a difference! If you used your great liberal science and history you would know that!!!

    Also !!! this means triple exclamation. I’m sorry they stopped teaching grammar in school!!!

    Oh and I do not believe that the earth was made 5000 years ago, much to your elitist attitude towards anyone who believes in God and liberty. I believe that the earth was constructed much the way science says it may have happened only I believe God set it in motion.

    As I said You are not worth my time…..

  38. Apparently, your English teacher was a moron…but what can I expect, so was your Pastor and, apparently, your parents.

    To whit;

    Grandpa: Keep your shirt on, and let me read.

    However, at the end of indirect quotations (that is, reporting someone else’s question in our own words), use a period instead of a question mark:

    The boy asked if there was kissing in the book.

    Now and then we may use an exclamation point at the end of a sentence to express strong emotion. Consider Vizzini’s dying words in The Princess Bride:

    You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Clearly (and comically), this is an extreme use of exclamations. In our own writing, we should be careful not to deaden the effect of the exclamation point by overworking it.”

    (Which means, triple exclamations do not appear in the Constitution, the Magna Carter, or even in Ronald Reagan’s speeches….why? Because they are not recognized as proper punctuation. AND, your arguments are STILL inane.

    And, because you insist on name calling;

    You, Sir or Madam, you are a moron. Please do us the all the favor of going to sleep tonight and having a fatal cardiac infarction.

  39. Hey Dude, I commend you on your charity work. It is good to see that people of all political ideologies can agree on something. On the other hand some of the people here are not so supportive. J, that kind of talk will only get you in a serious confrontation some day. Dude is correct when he says that 40 million children have been aborted in a relatively short period of time. We should all feel remorse for allowing this to take place in this country. Shame on you! It’s people like you that give liberals a bad rap.. I’m a liberal and I too voted for President Obama but I also went to a tea party. The policies I see coming out of the White House are not exactly what I signed up for. So you do not speak for me!

    Some advice, Grow Up!


  40. whuddadumbsn says:

    Mason, I wonder… you’re probably not a woman, right?

    That’s 40 million abortions that can now be legally reported, as opposed to the short span of time when abortions were illegal, and many of them went unreported because they were being performed via coat hanger, being pushed down stairs, etc.

    I really have a hard time commending The Dude on anything, when he can’t do anything but scream his arguments…

    “So don’t threaten me freak! I’m a sick to death of you moron liberals…”

    “You stupid liberals never seize to amaze me, always picking on the rich when most of the liberals are elitists. How many poor people have you ever worked for? Seems that if it were not for the rich, you would not have a job! dumbass!!!!”

    I dunno… for all that charity work The Dude does, it sure does seem that it hasn’t given him an appreciation for his common man.

    Also, I take great offense to his use of The Big Lebowski. The Dude was a pacifist who had no opinion on anything political.

  41. whuddadumbsn,

    I kind of see your point but if you had gone to a conservative blog, you might have been a little harsh right out of the gate. I mean the fact is this J person has said some really horrible stuff to the dude.

    You, Sir or Madam, you are a moron. Please do us the all the favor of going to sleep tonight and having a fatal cardiac infarction.

    I am sorry if this offends you in any way but I have to respect people who help others. I know the Compassion International org and Feed The Children, great organizations!

    What about it dude? What is your issue. I am not here to slam you just want to know what’s up?


  42. whuddadumbsn says:

    Well, Mason, it’s rather presumptuous of you to assume that just because I have not touted my charity work on a blog of strangers, I am a lesser person than The Dude.

    And, really? “Please do us the all the favor of going to sleep tonight and having a fatal cardiac infarction.” <<and you think that “this J person” said some “pretty horrible stuff”?


  43. The Dude says:

    Why do I even bother reading this crap I have no idea!

    Thanks Mason for your compliments. I see some liberals have the ability to appreciate others who disagree with them! So thanks for that!

    Hey J, Sorry to disappoint you but I am still alive a well.

    Also, whuddadumbsn, the Big Lebowski happens to be my favorite movie! I was using the handle The Dude before the movie ever came out. Maybe that’s why I liked it so well. Or maybe it was because The Dude was The Dude, didn’t care about crap but that rug because it tied the room together.

    And Mason, I really don’t know what you mean by what’s my issue! I just don’t like the way the country has been going and people should not down others for standing up and speaking their mind, like at the TEA parties. If anything is disgusting, it was the way David Schuster described the whole thing. Who wouldn’t get pissed for that piece of crap commentary? Do you support treating fellow Americans that way? The fact is with a 4.5 trillion deficit, they will have to raise taxes! Already it has started, cigarette tax, liquor tax, gas tax, utility tax from cap and trade. Yea sure this isn’t payroll tax but it still hits the bottom line. Just a misuse of words to get elected. Now you tell me what is wrong.. I am not rich by any means and will never be rich, but again I say if we continue to drive the people who have money out of this country, then none of us will have a job. I is happening everyday in this country. Businesses leaving left and right to escape high taxes. And you can cuss them all you want but that doesn’t keep jobs here! I have worked my butt off to get a few little things, and I share my earnings on my own for worthy causes. I want it to stay that way.. I don’t feel I am getting anywhere here so I am out.

    The Dude

  44. whuddadumbsn,

    I was not saying that to you. I was only showing you what this J person said to the dude. Sorry for the confusion. I would never wish death on anyone. He said that, look back on the blog!


  45. And whuddadumbsn,

    I never said you were a lessor person! I don’t know what you have going on. Share it! It is something to be proud of..


  46. whuddadumbsn says:

    Ok, guys. Let’s just all “hug it out.”

    And, Dude, Chinaman is not the proper nomenclature. Asian-American, please!

  47. whuddadumbsn says:

    (Please tell me you caught that reference… Not trying to start yet ANOTHER flame war!) 🙂

  48. The Dude says:

    Got it! hahaha.

    I like your style, but why ya gotta use some many cuss words.

    What the f*** you talkin about?

    Well really, is there a point to politics? Maybe The Dude had it right! F*** it.

    My favorite part is where the dude is smoking a joint and goes to flip it out the window and it lands in his lap. Then he proceeds to pour beer on him-self to put it out, while doing so he runs into a trash dumpster. I laughed until I cried the first time I saw that. I think I laughed for the next 20 times I watched it.. What a great movie about nothing! I have several copies but the one copy my little brother got me is sacred to me since he has past away 2 years ago at the young age of 31. He accidentally rented the movie when it first hit the movie rental stores in the 90’s. We watched it together and from then on out it was a tradition every year we watched it. I haven’t watched it since he died! At one time I think we could almost quote the entire movie. I miss those days!

    Sorry to get all emotional!

    The Dude

  49. “The United States is not a Christian nation any more than it is a Jewish or a Mohammedan nation.” — Treaty of Tripoli (1797), carried unanimously by the Senate and signed into law by John Adams

  50. No, it is not one nation more than another, but it was founded as a moral nation. Ask any Jew, Christian, or Muslim, if the fundamentals of the faith include many of the things being volleyed about now…homosexual marriage, abortion, our current wellfare system…are supported or ordained in that faith. I would argue it is not. The argument is not about which faith, but about any, and the idea that there should be a standard. Any standard, above the depraved base of humanity, which alone, would rise to nothing. There must be something bigger than ourselves.
    .-= allison´s last blog ..Considering a Post (other than this one). =-.

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