Want One?

Your minivan will never be the same. Thanks Sticker Giant!

Come find me at BlogHer ’09 in Chicago.


  1. Classic! I love it.

  2. Hell to the yeah I’ll be tracking you down to get one!!

  3. Awesome!

  4. Oh yeah baby!!

  5. Oh damn that’s awesome! I *really* wish I was going now!

  6. As my two year old goddaughter would say, “please to have it”.

  7. awww. can’t I buy one online??

  8. I obviously need an entire roll

  9. please?

  10. I got three of these beauties in my mailbox today! Thank you for telling me to e-mail that nice guy at sticker giant. He rocks!

    And I’m totally going to make some stickers one of these days. Probably not in time for BH, though. I have no ambition now that I’m more than 24 weeks pregnant. Does the tired, lazy feeling every go away?

    And tell me, are two children significantly harder than just one? Not that I can back out now, of course. 😉

  11. I shall reserve a special place on Darwin the Laptop for one of these. 🙂

  12. I love it and I will be hunting you down for one. And to say hi to you, of course.

  13. simply amazing.

  14. I want you. To want me.

    yes i want a sticker

  15. HA!

    This might be the most convincing evidence that I needed to register for Blogher10 thisveryminute.

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