Help A Charter School Out?

As many of you know, we have enrolled our son in our area’s very 1st charter school. As many of you also know, California is broke.

Any and all help is appreciated.

School Needs

A key part of SCVi‘s mission is to impart our students with 21st century skills. In order to do that, we need state-of-the-art equipment. With the current economy crisis and state budget, we need donations now more than ever.

Donations to SCVi are always tax deductible. We operate as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and will gladly provide a letter for the IRS with our Tax ID number.

Technology Needs
Alarm/security system
90 laptops and/or desktop computers–PC & Mac
35-55 Kindles

Core Networking Hardware

Data-switching hardware. Supports Layer 3, VLAN & Q.S. P.E. would be very nice but not necessary.
96+ Ports North Side
72+ Ports South Side
Six 802.11 abg wireless access points
Router with dual ethernet capable of 5+ Mbps IP connection and VPN (Cisco 2811 or better)
Firewall capable of 5 mbps connection
Web filter
Power over ethernet injector for phones, security, and 802.11 wireless

Phone System (VoIP preferred but not required)
Supports 8+ external telephone lines
24+ handsets
Voice mail, 4 ports
Overhead page system
30+ speakers
66 blocks

Rack & Cable
2 computer racks, 1 for each side of the building (½ rack or bigger)
Patch panel
Cat 5 or better (match Keystone jacks)
96 Port for north side
72 Port for south side
200+ Keystone type Cat5 jacks (match patch panel)
24+ Keystone type Cat3 jacks
Estimated 300 wall plates (need to count actual existing wall boxes)
LOTS of Cat 5 or better cable: 25,000+ feet, depending on wired drops
Ethernet cable tester (borrow)
Tone generator & probe (borrow)
Punch down tools
Cable pulling tools (push/pull rods, fish tapes, and so on)

Labor Needs
HVAC experts
Running cable
Drywall experts
Technical engineer to configure network hardware, likely Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE.

School & Office Furniture Needs
Trapezoid tables
Library shelves
Teacher desks
Medium-sized student chairs
Small-group tables
Bulletin boards
Carts for overhead projectors and/or LCD projectors
Student cubbies
Medium-sized copier
Book binder
Office desks
File cabinets
Counter-height science lab desks

P.E. Equipment Needs
Basketball hoops
Volleyball net and equipment
Tether ball stands
Jump ropes

Curriculum Needs
SCVi is building its Home Study curriculum library. To anyone who has curriculum not being used and would like to see it put to use, we welcome it.
Additionally, we are building our science lab. Any and all science-related donations are welcomed.

Music & Art Needs
SCVi is building its music and art programs. All instruments and art supplies are welcomed.

Main Phone (661) 705-4820
eFax/Voicemail (661) 362-8066


  1. OMG – Are they seriously asking for parents to donate this kind of stuff? Yeah, I’ve I got an extra phone system (with voicemail!) laying around and I keep tripping over that darn school-sized alarm system too. Sheesh! What’s the governator doing with all the stimulus fundage?

  2. They are asking for anyone who’s able, be that a parent, a business owner, etc…..

  3. I live in IL and we have the same problem here too. Though the schools haven’t resorted to sending a list like that yet.

  4. We are a brand new school, only in our second year…and moving to a brand new facility.

  5. And every child needs their own Unicorn, too!

    They should be a little ashamed, I think, of asking for the stuff on this list. They need to get a freaking grip.

  6. I applaud the school for asking for what is needed- or even over the top. I would rather my kid had a Kindle than a stack of books- so I say GO SCVi!

  7. This school sounds fantastic-congratulations on helping to get this school off its feet. I love the constructivism philosophy and the idea of an individual learning plan for each child. I also think that the project-based approach to learning is critical in developing the critical thinking and in fostering creativity. More schools should be like this -I wish you luck and I will definitely be following the progress of this school. Hopefully it succeeds and they will start one here in the SF Peninsula.

  8. Given the current financial situation, its really not surprising. At least, they’re being transparent about what they have and don’t have. Its only that I don’t know how many parents will hesitate to send their children to this school if they are unable to get all this stuff.

  9. Holy crap and I complain because my school wants extra Kleenix

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