Front Lines of the Health Care Reform Battle?

Monday afternoon I ended up in the emergency room. It’s Friday, and I’m still in the hospital.

Clearly not the way my week was supposed to go.

I should be having surgery Saturday at noon to remove my gall bladder. We shall see. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for your well wishes. ***UPDATED**** 8/7/09 and I have been sent home from the hospital WITHOUT SURGERY. They ran a few more tests Friday and found some new things, making them want to explore further before cutting. I will undergo an out-patient test next week and then possible surgery after***

More when I can string more than a paragraph together without slurring.


  1. Erin, thanks for keeping us updated. We’ve been thinking about you and watched the updates unfold as your KingOfSpain kept us informed. Hope that the medical care you’re getting is the very best and that they are successful, pushing you to a speedy recovery. And since you’re a woman of pride, I’ll just say you can still rock a good hospital gown.

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve been off and on Twitter and keep seeing your tweets from the hospital. I wondered what was wrong, but didn’t want to bother you. That gallbladder stuff is no fun. It was exactly a year ago that I was in the same position you’re now in.

    I hope you get some relief soon and that surgery goes well tomorrow. Why are they making you wait so long?

  3. That is just like you, to go overboard getting the in on a story. You could have dealt with health care reform without actually going to the hospital, silly.

    No, seriously though, thanks for the update. I love and am hoping you are well soon.

  4. I love *you* and am hoping you are well soon. That’s what that should have said. You get it, I’m sure. Okay, I’m leaving now, really.

  5. Erin,
    I have been trying to tweet you a direct message, but NOT GOING THROUGH.
    Hope things go smoothly tomorrow. Be well.

  6. 🙁 get well soon!!!!

  7. I want to know why we’re not talking about the elephant in the room, which is that West Virginia killed your gallbladder? I blame the outhouse.

    In all seriousness, my seven year old son has horrible GI problems. He has been on lots of meds since birth, and we’re hoping to put off surgery for his reflux until he’s a little older. There has been a lot of vomiting in the last seven years. He only weighs 40 pounds…though some of that is due to his heart problems. He’s a bundle of good health, that kid!

    I hope that everything you are going through is worth it and that you feel like a new woman. Soon.

  8. Sorry to see you are ill. I had my gallbladder out almost two years ago. They told me I would be able to eat like “a normal person” again, but that was a complete lie. Still life is infinitely better being able to eat … period.

    Best wishes.

  9. Get well soon.

  10. Hang in there, Erin. I wish you a speedy recovery from tomorrow’s surgery.

  11. Eh, who needs a gallbladder anyways? (Have them remove your appendix and spleen too while they’re in there – just for good measure.)

    Wishing you well and happy, quick healing.


  12. Good Luck on Saturday.

  13. Even though I know you are not having fun, I have enjoyed your tweets. I am praying for your comfortable healing.
    The Best of luck,

  14. Get well soon!!!

  15. Come home soon. As my mom always says “A hospital is no place for sick people.”

  16. Any news on them approving that tummy tuck you wanted? 😉

    We’re all sending positive vibes!!

  17. Been reading your updates on Twitter. Hope you’re out of the hospital and feeling better VERY soon!

  18. Duane-PreppyDude says:

    Sending you get well soon vibes.

  19. Sending lots of positive vibes and wishes for a fast and easy recovery.

  20. Thinking of you today. Hope you recover quickly. Surgery sucks, but knowing you, you’ll make the best of it. You always do 🙂

    Get well soon!! Flirt with some hot doctors and nurses….well, at least I HOPE you get some nice eye candy to look at while you’re in there. I also hope you have good wifi. See, I know what’s important in life. I have my priorities!! 😉

  21. I hope your surgery and recovery go as smoothly as possible. And I’m so glad that you have insurance. As a Canadian I can’t fathom the worry that would come with NOT having it.

    Thinking of you.

  22. I know after your surgery you’ll feel sooooo much better! Hope all goes well!

  23. Get better sweetness! You’re in my thoughts.

  24. Thanks for taking the time to post the video, like everyone else I’m sending warm wishes for a successful surgery and comfortable recovery!

  25. I had my gallbladder extracted four weeks post partum. It isn’t so bad but it hurts to move around for a few days. If you’ve ever had a c-section that’s what it feels like. Minimal scarring. You’re a tough broad and you totally rock that gown.

  26. I spent two days in a hospital once, and I looked like a 17 day old hooker corpse. Needless to say, you are not my best friend right now.

    As for the US Health Care system…at some point, I will grow the balls to post my story on it. And I will get massacred by a jury of my peers for it. And I don’t care.

    Not too much, at least.

  27. So scary for you and your family. I’m wishing you the best and hoping you have a speedy recovery.

  28. Load up on Zinc! Will help you greatly and especially scumbags created and spread H1N1 flu, you will need zinc even more! DO TAKE CARE!!!

  29. Oh gosh I feel for you…as everyone else is saying, please take good care of yourself. Think about good things, your kids, your recovery…the mind is a powerful thing 🙂

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