I’m a Girl Gamer

I just found this interview I did in March at SXSW. Enjoy my geekyhood

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  1. I loves the hat.

  2. It was Texas, I think it was required. Or I got into the spirit a bit too much

  3. This is too neat. My 4 year old love love LOVES Mario. We do Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, old school original Mario Bros… I think it’s really cool that I can share this aspect of my life with my daughter because there is often such a gap between children and parents that it makes the things we CAN share with our kids kind of few and far between. Gaming, even if it’s just casual gaming, is something that I can genuinely and wholly enjoy with my daughter – not something that I only slightly enjoy or pretend to enjoy, not something I do because I have to or don’t want to do except that it’s the only way to spend time with her. It’s not like watching Dora. Sure, I do that too, but only because I know she likes it. This is something that we are both into and that is just amazing.

  4. I’d like to add, btw, that I think you have one of the most charming smiles ever. 🙂

  5. I love Erin W.!!!!

  6. Bout time we heard from other “girl gamers.” Now if I could just beat my kids at a few games…

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