Fire Can #suckit

It’s that time of year again, and this time around we’re looking down the barrel of one of the largest wildfires I’ve ever seen. (Except for that one time I helped evacuate an entire county in Florida and was trapped between three walls of flames and nearly had a helicopter drop fire retardant on my mobile unit…but that’s another story)

Right now the fire is a good 13-15 miles from us and moving in a north east (ish) direction. That’s good, so long as it goes north EAST not north WEST.

North WEST makes Mommy cry and pack things.


(map by Aaron Vest. Yes, he’s a dork)

The smoke is horrible though, and poor Princess Peanut still has walking pneumonia. Count Waffle’s asthma, thank goodness, seems to be gone (he out grew it, as doctors predicted) but we’re still keeping an eye on him.

Everyone is staying in doors, so we all are getting on each other’s nerves and bored out of our minds.

But again, we consider ourselves lucky. Hugs and love to those who have lost loved ones and their homes.


  1. Had not realized that wing of the fire had gotten THAT close to you. It doesn’t help to be dealing w/sick kids, either. Fingers crossed that with the cooler weather, they get this thing under some control FAST.

  2. Hang in there and let us know if you need anything. Your loyal “tweeps” will be on the other end of the line with support or a joke or two. I am sure it is hard for the kids not really getting what the true gravity of it all is and hard for you and Aaron knowing what the real danger could be trying to keep humour and wits about you while “locked indoors.”
    I am blessed to be in Sherman Oaks where the only discomfort is ash rain and burning eyes. Which is NOTHING to complain about as I watch this fire monster consume all in its path.

    In the meantime, I join with all in sending prayers and good wishes that the wind shifts, cool air and for the continued strength and perserverenc of the amazingly brave & skilled firefighters so they can get a handle on this beast as soon as possible.

  3. Where is Frodo on that map? If he’s not available, could you at least get Gandalf on a white horse? No? Gimli?

    Doing a rain dance for you.

  4. Erin, I hope that you remain safe. Good luck with the princess and her pneumonia. Hope you find refuge. My thoughts go out to all of the people from whom the fire has taken.

  5. Was JUST thinking about you. It was about a year ago when Count Waffles was soooooo sick and miserable. You were up all night with the coughing/gagging/coughing/gagging. Sucks, sucks, SUCKS!

    Yea for outgrowing things. If I can get Presh to eat a spec of egg without ralphing up a lung, life will be grand.

  6. Um, screw your husband for making me laugh so hard at that. When we had our massive wildfires in Colorado in the early nineties, I was 5 miles from the evac line. I’ve never been so scared in my whole life, especially when chucks of trees started falling from the sky. I’m thinking of you guys.

  7. I think I’d be having a Code Brown: Pants Change Required if I were to be even as close as you are right now. Stay safe.

  8. I’m in a similar, if somewhat closer to the start of the fire, situation over in Yucaipa. East good, west bad! Smoke bad!

    No problems with the GOP Death Star or the Eye of Sauron showing up though. Guess we’ve been pretty lucky here.

  9. From your description, it sounds like you must have been in Flagler Co. in 1998 when it was evacuated due to the fires. Although I didn’t live here then, I moved in 2001 to the area on the north end of Palm Coast that was burned in the fires. The people I’ve met that lived here then have stories to tell that I will never forget. If you were here to help them, you have my everlasting thanks.

    After seeing the scars that the 1998 fires left on this community and its people, I have deep empathy for other communities experiencing the same thing. I am watching with horror the unchecked progress of the fires out there right now and hoping that everyone will be safe and that as much property as possible will be preserved. Please know you are in my family’s thoughts.

  10. The fires are almost worth it to get a map like this.

  11. I have so been there. We were evacuated during the Orange County fires last year and have been near evacuation several other times. It’s heartbreaking and annoying all at once. Stay safe.

  12. When you’re not on fire, can I bring my boys to come see the dragons? That is SO cool!

  13. sending happy thoughts and virtual water!

  14. sigh. i HATE fire season. i live in socal (further so than you) and the 2004 and 2007 fireseasons were awful. they said it would burn to the ocean. i know how you feel.

    i hate humid weather, but i’m praying for it to hold.

  15. and i LOVVVVVVVE the map of mordor!! the eye!!! oh, it made me giggle.

  16. Yikes! You guys can come stay with me. In Texas. It’s safe here.

  17. Oh man. I wish you guys all the luck. From the fire AND from killing each other!

    I bet the smoke still gets in your house somewhat, huh? That must be awful.

  18. Was very near that fire, when it started up–scary and not yet completely over!

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